Best gun safe under $ 500 to $600

Okay so you are looking for a gun safe under 500.Here we are assuming you have few long guns and maybe some handguns.Where can you keep them that will ensure they are not readily accessible ? 

Good news is that there are gun safes available in all price range.But the bad news is as the price go down the safe do not offer same protection as the higher priced one.

You see the most expensive component of making a safe is the steel itself.It is also the same thing that make a safe secure or unsecure.

So if we are going down in terms of price,you can not expect steel to be thick as you need and a safe that is secure against burglars.So it is natural to expect that the seller will be silent about it.

Nevertheless buying a gun safe is a good step towards safeguarding your guns as it will prevent unauthorized access and also children locked away.Basically you will prevent any one getting hands on access to your guns.

Safe under 500 are either gun cabinets or something in between safe and a cabinet.They are not even heavy.So it is important that you anchor them on the floor or wall.They have some fire ratings but they are usually fluff ratings and you should not put much focus that.

top or beside each other as your inventory grows.It can be bought online for about $500 to $550. 

Liberty Safe Cn12-bkt-e Centurion Safe With Electronic Lock

This is the lowest end model of liberty gun safe.

It is CDOJ approved and has a 30 minutes fire ratings.There are three layers of firewall inside ceiling and doors and Polusol seal to prevent smoke coming inside in case of fire.

It weighs around 229 pounds and dimensions of 19 x 18 x 60 inches.It can hold upto 12 long guns.

The same design is marketed by the name Provault by liberty at cabelas and other online retailers.

Liberty also mentioned the steel thickness which is 14 gauge in body and door.The door is of composite type.

Liberty claims that these safe are 6 times stronger against pry attack.Its because of 10 special  4″ wide locking bars instead of bolts that offer more surface to resist prying.

The safe in made in USA and has a life time warranty. A UL listed S and G mechanical lock.You can upgrade it to electronic lock later if you want.Extra hard plate to protect from drill and and and external re-locker for punch attack.

No other entry level safe offer all these features.It is available online for about $550 including shipping.

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Stack-On SS-16-MB-B 16-Gun Security Safe with Biometric Lock.

First thing we look was that it is made like safe and not cabinet,second thing was that it could hold up to 16 rifles and is available online for about $550 and third it has it comes with a bio metric lock.

The safe is CDOJ rated for firearm safety devices and have dimensions of 20.08 x 20.86 x 55 in.

It weighs 168 pounds which is good for its size but it does not have any fire rating.

Biometric lock allows you to not memorize any code and also ensure that it will keep wrong hands out.

It can hold up to 20 different fingerprint and people don’t find any issue with biometric lock.It is easy to program and good recognition rate.Comes with a backup key in case of battery dying.

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Barska AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe

This safe is of acceptable quality in this price range as it is CDOJ rated with dimensions (DxWxH): 11.5″ x 12.5″ x 52″ and hold upto 8 rilfles.

The interior is carpeted and come with two removable rack for rifles and two shelves for handguns and ammunition.

Bar ska have four other models with similar construction features but different size.

AX13100-13″ x 13″ x 52.25″

AX12760 –9.75″ x 8.63″ x 52.13″, 

AX12752 –13″ x 13″ x 52.25″

AX11652-9.75″ x 8.63″ x 52.13″- Highest selling.(Hold upto four rifles)

We choose this one because it is the only model under $ 500 that can hold the largest amount of rifles If you don’t have that many guns you can go with other smaller models.All other models features bio metric locks.

If you want a bio metric lock with up to 8 guns you can go with Barska AX12760. It has biometric lock and is prices for about $650.

 There are pre drilled holes at bottom and back wall so you can anchor it on floor as well as walls.The safe doesn’t weigh much (82 lbs) so it will be important that you secure it to a wall or floor.

The digital lock is easy to program and can store two unique pins or codes with backup access.

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Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe: Model 40

Secure it , a company launched by military veteran and a relatively new entrant in market boast of making ultralight gun safe.They also claim to be leaing supplier of firearm safe to the military.

Though we could not understand the purpose of making a safe that s ultra light.We have gun cabinets for the very same purpose.

But taking the price consideration into mind this is a good choice as it is somewhere in between safe and a cabinet..The door locks like traditional safe only with live in bolt action.

Another thing that Secure it highlights is its Cradlegrid technology.It basically is a better way of organizing your rifles.You can keep the rifles with scope attached and guns hold their position and don’t bump into one another and allows fast access in terms of crisis probably like in military.

The back panel is louvered for better visual straight line access reaching individual firearm without disturbing others.

This safe comes with keypad lock which sits in the lower end of the door and comes with a backup key.

It weighs around 90 pounds and have dimension 40.00″ H x 20.00″ W x 15.00″ D ( Outside).You can store up to six rifles up to 50 inch high with scopes in this safe.

It can be bolted to wall and floor as it has mounting holes on every wall except the front one.One peculiar aspect of these safes is that they can be stacked on top or side as your inventory grows

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Sports Afield SA5524J Journey (30-Gun) Security Safe

Sports afield has been in the gun safe business since 1887 and has good line of models at reasonable prices.Though this is it  entry level gun safe it has a capacity of about max 30 guns with dimension of 55″ x 24″ x 20″.

It is primarily made for keeping hunting rifles and its capacity may increase or decrease if you keep handguns or scoped rifles.

It comes for about $ 500 though you can buy a 20 gun models(not so popular) for less than $500.

It is made of 14 gauge steel which is usually the norm in this price range.t is also CDOJ rated for firearm safety devices and 30 minutes fire rating for up to 1,200°F.It also has expandable palusol seal to prevent smoke coming in.

It weighs 226 lbs and has four holes to anchor them on ground and comes with the bolt down kit.

The door of this safe is recessed making it pry resistant as it makes inserting pry bar difficult.

The lock is electronic keypad with two backup keys.

Though it does not have much reviews on amazon it has god reviews on other retailers like home depot,Cabelas,Costco etc.

Sports afield has a life time cover for all its long safes against theft ,fire or natural flood and even free locksmith service in case of lockout. 

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Cabela’s Mechanical Lock 10-Gun Safe

Cabelas is a go to destination for all outdoor needs like hunting,fishing,camping,boating etc.It also make its own line of gun safes from other manufacturers like liberty.

We have included this safe in the list only because of its price.It is remarkably cheap at $379.

It features a UL listed S and G mechanical lock and can hold up to 10 guns.

The body and door is made of 14 gauge steel and door is composite type and the construction exceeds CDOJ specification.It also has a fire rating of 30 min at 1200 degree F and comes with life time warranty.

We cannot find any other safe that has all these feature at this price.All others at this price are gun storage cabinets which we will be discussing next below.

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Best gun safe under $1000-Is there any ?

Is there any good gun safe under $1000 ?

Before going into discussing some of the safe under 1000 we like to inform you that the word best is relative and is should be used in different context when looking for gun safes in various price ranges.So we recommend yo read selection guide for large gun safe here to know what makes a good gun safe.

When discussing 1000 under gun safe we are talking  of preventing unauthorized access and children.Many of these may not even be RSC certified but may be CDOJ passed.Even so you cannot say you are secured against any strong attempt of forced entry.

We couldn’t understand there purpose to be exact because the main purpose of a gun safe is to be secured against theft or burglars.These safe will fail if those burglars have sufficient time and tools like a pry bar,hammer,power cutter etc to do that.

So you have a container that allows you to keep your guns and tell other people that unauthorized person are not allowed to touch them.

Only a person who respect or fear that boundary would not do that.

But the problem narrows down to budget.What if you have a budget of only $1000.Here one can assume that you must be having decent collection of guns if want a large size gun safe.

For that purpose you can just place it in a gun cabinet or gun case on condition that you don’t fear anything happening to them.They will cost you much less.Again if you want no one to touch them you may have to keep a sign that says Don’t touch my guns.

These safes will at most save you that effort,if we review them most critically.But still these safes are being sold and people are satisfied with there purchase even when they know that these safes are not safe against forced entry.

So if you are one of those person we have few of the safes shortlisted and reviewed below.We tried to point out everything that may seller have tried to highlight and is of any value to you.

We just want to alert you as much as we can that these safe are not secured as advertised.They will most probably be made in China with relatively thin steel and composite door.

We have chosen most safe that are made of 12 gauge of steel.

The fire rating is also not of much use as they use gypsum/dry wall for insulation which we have already discussed are pretty much useless for major fire incidents as mentioned in fire protection in the selection guide here.

Other that that its your choice.

Liberty Safe Liberty Safe USA 30 Gun

RSC rated-Yes

Door type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

Dimensions-28×15.5×57.5 inches (interior width x depth x hieght)

Purpose-To store decent number(30) of guns away from unauthorized people and to keep average thief outside.

The first thing that we liked about the safe is that it is at least UL- RSC rated so it can thwart rigorous attack with pry bar , drilling,punching etc for about 5 minutes.

The body and doo is  made of 2 mm(12 gauge  steel) and the door is of composite type.Also steel is claimed to be treated to prevent rust.

It is also claimed to be made in USA and has US based customer service.It also comes with life time warranty and liberty claims to replace the safe in case of attempted burglary or fire.

The fire rating is  40 minutes @ 1220 degree F.The fire protection is claimed to be using 3 layers of gypsum in ceiling and door.

The side is single welded at one corner and at the back is welded on with a single bead.

The locking bolt in this safe is of military style plates that give more surface area against prying and so can be a deterrent when prying door with a pry bar.

Has a shiny outer texture and the door has a three Chrome three spoke handle and additional door panel storage pockets and pistol holders.

Has a hard plate behind the mechanical lock to protect against drilling and also has a an external re lockers for added security against lock picking.

It can be bought at major online outlet for about $999 to $1099.

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or buy from

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun safe

RSC rated -No, CDOJ rated

Steel thickness-12 gauge (2mm)

Door type-composite 

Dimensions-interior ( W x D x H) : 27.75 x 19.5 x 53 

Purpose-preventing children and unauthorized people accessing your guns.

Steel water is a new entrant in gun safe industry.

In higher ranges it has introduced some better gun safe than its competitors in terms of steel thickness and overall strength you can find it in this list of best long gun safe for the  money.

This model though is not like that it has steel thickness of 12 gauge and CDOJ passed for residential security containers.It can store on an average 12 to 16 guns and at most 20 long guns.

It claims fire rating of 60 min at 1875 degree F and and EMP(Electro magnetic pulse) attack proof electronic lock and also has a bypass key to prevent being locked out of safe.

Security-in terms of security it can thwart a drilling and punching attack on the lock as it has a hard plate behind  the electronic lock and also a internal re-locking mechanism 

Warranty-it has life time fire and burglar warranty and 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect.

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Mesa safe MBF5922E

RSC rated-NO,CDOJ rated

Steel thickness-12 gauge body

Door type-Composite 12 gauge with additional 1/4″ steel plate.

Dimensions-55⅜”H x 18¼”W x 13″D (Interior)

Capacity-24 Guns

Purpose-Prevent Minor break in effort and unauthorized access.

Heavy for its size(528 pounds).You can anchor it to ground with four anchor points.

So at least difficult to move by burglars or tip it over on the ground and use pry bar etc.

Also its door has additional protection of quarter inch plate inside the 12 gauge composite door design.

For that reason it has a detachable door to carry it to floor above the ground level.

The safe is made in USA and has a Life time warranty.

A hard plate and internal re locker is also included for drill or punch attack on lock.

Powder coating-The safe in painted with powder coating which is known to be scratch resistant,chip resistant,water resistant and corrosion resistant.

You can have two codes in electronic lock for secondary access.

You can get this safe online for $900 to $1200.

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Stack-On A-40-MB-E-S

RSC rated-NO,CDOJ rated.

Steel thickness-Not available

Door type-Composite

Dimensions-(W x D x H) : 27.75 x 19.5 x 53

Capacity-40 Guns

Purpose-If you have large number of guns and want to prevent easy hands on access and don’t have enough budget to buy heavy duty gun safe.

Frankly speaking we don’t recommend stack on safe.Simply because they are not safe.They are just lock boxes similar to gun cabinet.Burglar can easily get into this safe.

Main reason for having this gun safe in our list is the capacity.It has a large capacity of about 40 guns.So you can keep all your collection at one place away from children and unauthorized persons.

In comparison of gun cabinets it is heavier and also has some fire rating of 30 min for upto 1400 degree F.

One customer has rightly said is that it is high end of low end safe.So don’t expect much in terms of safety.

The door comes with sewn in  pockets and pistol holders.

Some customer complained about the keypad digits not working though iyt has a backup mechanical key.

But aesthetic wise and for small fire hazard protection this safe can be of some use.

You can buy this safe on amazon for about $800 to $1000

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Blue dot second amendment gun safe

One good safe for your gun is the Second Amendment safe by Blue Dot Safes.

RSC rated-No

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

Dimensions- 55.18H×32.25W×20D (Interior)

Purpose-To thwart off children and frustrate an average burglar for few minutes using small tools.

This safe is of acceptable quality for the price.It is rated fire resistant to 1700 degrees .A 5/16″ thick  drill-resistant Plate behind lock for drill attacks and one year free warranty.This safe also has a large amount of space and is large enough to hold 30 rifles, 8 holsters, and 5 ammo pouches. The interior is 55.18×32.25×20 inches and there are four shelves inside for storing firearms and ammunition. Also, the lock system uses 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts and a two way locking system..It weighs around 650 pounds.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Good Customer Service


  • Does not come with a backup key
  • Electronic lock-but they offer installation of a mechanical lock if it’s requested when the safe is purchased

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American security

RSC rated-NO

Door Type-Solid steel 3/16″

Body thickness-14 gauge

Purpose-Store few rifles away from children and hinder average breaking in effort with small tools.

Another safe that also offers free shipping is the Amsec TF5517 Gun Safe 30 Miutes Fire. This safe has a 3/16″ solid steel plate door 3 wheel combination lock, 14 gauge body, and a sizable interior capacity of 16x17x55.2 inches and a life time warranty against theft and fire.A four way bolt mechanism and CDOJ burglar rating.. This safe has a fire rating for  upto 1200 degrees for  30 minutes from mercury and claim to maintain an internal temperature around 350°F. It weighs 286 pounds, which is relatively lightweight for a large safe such as this. Many reviewers seemed to think well of this safe, that it was of high quality, etc. However, there were a few negative reviews, some of whom said that it arrived damaged and also that it is not American made.

There is a removable shelf and a 2 tray organizer and lights inside the safe. It’s interior is carpeted and it uses an electronic or combination locks with a drill resistant plate behind the lock.Reviewers say that the set are good safes of decent quality. However, some complain that the design is not as it is shown and one reviewer complained of a chemical smell inside. Also, they are not fire rated, so if there is a fire the contents will not be protected.

If you are interested in this safe, you can find it for 800 dollars with free shipping.

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