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Universal gun safety tips

After reviewing various available source of gun safety literature-a list that includes gun manufacturers, the National Rifle Association, and public safety websites-Safer Guns Now has compiled the following list of safety recommendations we call Universal Gun Safety Rules. They apply to virtually any situation involving firearms.

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Safe Gun technologies


  • 1: Enabling Technology for Fingerprint-Activated “Smart” Guns
  • 2: Electronic Gun Safety Technology
  • 3: Gun safes Gun Safety Technology
  • 4: Mechanical Gun Safety Technology

1: Enabling Technology for Fingerprint-Activated “Smart” Guns

IMPORTANT NOTE: The inclusion of information in this table about a specific device does NOT mean that the device is available for use in a gun. Due to product liability concerns, no semiconductor company allows the use of its products in ANY health- or safety-related application — such as a gun — without the explicit written consent from the company’s senior management or Board of Directors.

Technologies Required to Make a Fingerprint System How it works Supplier(s) and Status
Fingerprint image sensor There are two main types of fingerprint sensors – optical sensors and “chip” sensors. Optical sensors uses a lens and are much too big for use in a gun but generally give better images than chip sensors, are not affected by static and have a faster readout and larger scan area. Note: Special techniques must be used to obtain a fingerprint image from a live finger. A simple photograph does not work because the contrast between ridges and valleys is much too low to produce a good image. User places his/her fingertip upon the sensor so that an image of the tiny but distinctive ridges and valleys of the fingerprint can be captured and processed by an external image processor. The larger the area of the finger that is sensed, the more ridges and valleys are captured and the more distinctive the fingerprint is. The sensor itself cannot capture, process or verify images because it has no memory or processing capability. It is like a camera without film. At 500 dots per inch, a common resolution for the capture of fingerprints, it is common to have 64,000 or more, 8-bit picture elements or “pixels” to process. The amount of time to capture an image, the size of the sensor and thus the extent of the captured image and uniqueness of the fingerprint, the cost, the resistance of the sensor to damage, and the ability of the sensor to operate in different environments, all vary depending upon the sensor technology. Infineon “FingerTip Sensor” – Semiconductor “capacitive” sensor is about 15 x 20 mm, housed in a package about 30 mm square, sensitive to static discharge. At least 1/10 second is required to obtain a single image, and it is usually necessary to capture several, at 1/10 second each, depending upon the details of how an external processor knows when to capture an image. Approx. $25 in large volume. Available. A German company formerly known as Siemens Semiconductor. This sensor is reportedly being using in the external fingerprint module being used with the S&W “smart” gun prototype. It is evidently being used in an external module due to its large size. We do not know if Infineon has approved its use in or with a gun.
Image processor A processor operates under software control and receives raw image data from the fingerprint image sensor.Depending upon the software used, it: (1) completes the formation of a fingerprint image, (2) determines whether or not additional fingerprint images are required so as to have a quality image, (3) processes/enhances the image in preparation for extracting distinctive information from it, (4) extracts distinctive information from it, (5) compares that information to information about the fingerprints that are authorized to fire the gun, and (6) sends a signal to the mechanism that enables the gun to fire if the user is authorized to fire the gun.The entire task must be done extremely quickly, in less than about 1/10 of a second, if a “smart” gun is to be used normally, in the same way as an ordinary gun. General purpose digital signal processor (DSP) chips are made by Analog DevicesMotorola, Texas Instruments and others. These processors manipulate fingerprint images much too slowly for use in a gun since they generally only handle one picture element at a time, and many picture elements must be processed very quickly.
Fingerprint software for autonomous applications (operate without a PC) The rapid processing of fingerprints is fundamentally difficult because a large number of data points or picture elements must be processed, the images are complex and often corrupted, and there are many variables that affect the appearance of the print.It is relatively easy to make a standalone or autonomous (as opposed to FBI) fingerprint system work in the lab, but difficult to make it work reliably in practical applications.However, these problems can be overcome given proper sensors, sufficient processing power and sophisticated algorithms.A key variable in a practical fingerprint system is the location and orientation of a fingertip upon a fingerprint sensor. Most fingerprint sensors are built into a housing that tries to force the user to place his/her fingertip on the sensor in a particular way to minimize the number of variables that the fingerprint software, which processes the images, has to handle.In addition, the fingerprint system must deal with changes in a given fingerprint, such as from moisture, cuts, cracks, dirt and grease. These changes can obscure portions of the fingerprint, expand or contract the fingerprint, or create false details.Most fingerprint software extracts distinctive details called “minutia points” from the pattern of ridges in a fingerprint. Typical minutia points are the joining of two ridge lines, or the splitting or termination of a ridge line. When a live fingerprint is taken by the police, who generally capture the largest possible print, 40 or more minutia points are usually obtained from a single fingertip.The use of fingerprints for identification is considered highly reliable worldwide, and is widely and routinely used by the FBI.Most fingerprint software has been developed under the assumption that the amount of computer power available is quite limited. Mytec recently announced that they have developed a fingerprint module using an Infineon fingerprint sensor (see above) and their fingerprint software for use external to a prototype “smart” gun being developed by Smith & Wesson (see below). Several newspaper articles about their development seemed to credit Mytec for development of the sensor which is, in fact, made by Infineon. Other than saying that the fingerprint module is so large that it cannot be built into the handle of a gun, no performance specifications for the speed, accuracy or number of users of the fingerprint system were provided.

2: Electronic Gun Safety Technology

Electronic Technology How it would work Supplier(s) and Status Works with Price US$
Fingerprint in handle Authorized user would pick up a gun, aim and fire, like with an ordinary gun, and with the same speed. One or more of the user’s fingertips would automatically land upon a specially designed fingerprint sensor that provides the high speed, ease-of-use and resistance to static required. The total time to activate the gun would be less than 2/10 second. One or more persons could use the same gun.User’s fingerprint would be quickly and automatically captured and verified within the handle of the gun so only authorized user(s) could fire the gun. Operation would be as foolproof as possible. Once enabled to fire, the gun could be fired until the owner lets go of it or runs out of ammunition. Each time the gun is picked up, a self-test circuit would verify the proper operation of the gun and confirm that sufficient battery power is available. Could only be built into new guns, but could also be built into new trigger locks, magazines, lock boxes and safes. Add $100 (est.) to retail price of gun.
Fingerprint in external module Ref: The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 27, 2000, page B1, “Smart Guns Trigger a Debate”: In a prototype, the user places a special fingerprint module about the size of the gun handle into the butt of a specially built gun. He then scans his fingerprint into the module. Once the user is authorized, the module is removed and the ammunition magazine can be inserted into the gun handle. Grip sensors detect that the user has a firm grasp to activate the weapon. A new type of electrically-fired ammunition is used.Comments: A problematic human interface is used. It requires a lengthy several-step process that requires two hands and a large removable fingerprint module to be able to use the gun.It is not clear: (1) how long it takes for a fingerprint to be processed, (2) how accurate, reliable and easy to use the fingerprint module is, (3) how many different fingerprints/users can be used, (4) how long the gun remains active once armed, (5) how a fingerprint is entered into the module, (6) how the gun becomes disarmed, (7) whether or not the operation of the module can be circumvented, (8) whether or not a gun can be stolen and used with another module, (9) how reliable the new ammunition and firing mechanism are, (10) how many shots can be fired on a set of batteries, (11) how one knows how much power is available to operate the gun and module, (12) what the requirements are for storage of the module, or (13) why a new and unproven type of ammunition, which is fired electrically, is used. Smith & Wesson Corp., Springfield, MA, tel. 800-331-0852, 100+ year-old gun company. Status: Prototype but not publicly demonstrated. Company is reportedly looking for Federal funding and has hired Washington lobbyists to try to get it. incongruously, company has stated that personalized guns have a large market but it may drop the project if it cannot get government funding for it. According to a press release, module uses a “FingerTip” fingerprint sensor made by Infineon, a German semiconductor company. Comments: The construction and large size of this sensor appear to make it difficult to eliminate the separate fingerprint module and put the sensor into the handle of the gun. Furthermore, if the size of the sensor were reduced, the size of the fingerprint image would be reduced and it would be much more difficult if not impossible to distinguish one user from another.In addition, the primary innovation is apparently not the fingerprint technology but the use of an electronic firing mechanism instead of a conventional mechanical firing mechanism. As we understand it, the use of this electronic mechanism means that no firing pin strikes the bullet, removing a means for identifying which gun fired the bullet. This is contrary to the $65 million that the govt. is investing in technology to identify which gun fires a particular bullet used in a crime. Could only be built into new guns. Add $300 (est.) to retail price of gun.Reportedly at least two years from market.
Radio frequency in handle and wristband Gun user wears a wrist band containing a small radio transmitter. The transmitter sends a signal to a receiver in the handle of the gun to activate it. Colt Manufacturing Co., West Hartford, CT, tel. 860-244-1428Status: Abandoned. Colt has stopped manufacturing consumer products and split off a new company, iColt, to work on smart guns, but iColt has since closed. Could only be built into new guns. Not applicable
Combination lock in barrel Gun user enters a combination into a series of pushbuttons beneath the barrel of a gun. Company says these guns are not really “smart” guns. SIG Arms Inc., Exeter, NH, tel. 603-772-2302Status: Production summer of 2000. Company is reportedly for sale. Could only be built into new guns. Guns cost $950.

3: Gun safes Gun Safety Technology

Right now the most pliable option to safeguard your guns is a gun safe. There are different types available made especially to keep at various places at home, office or in your car. Just like traditional safes, gun safes are used to prevent the theft and unauthorized access of one’s valuables (in our case, guns).

Best gun safes

We have divided gun safe for various categories and purposes as well as price range. You can one you are looking for in these articles below.

Best long gun safe-Safes that are actually built like true safes. They are expensive but a good investment if you looking for long term. These safe are strong enough to store more expensive items other than guns.

Best long gun safe for the money-Those who like to store just guns and are on a budget constraint this list can come handy.

Best small gun safe-Those who own just few handguns can choose a safe from this list.

Best bedside/nightstand gun safe-These safes are made for handguns and sometimes one or two rifles/shotguns can be kept on the night stand in the bedroom. They are quick acting allowing quick access in need of self deference or home invasion etc.

Best handgun safe for vehicle– They are gun safe for carrying small guns in your car or other vehicle.

4: Mechanical Gun Safety Technology

Mechanical Technology How it works Supplier(s) Works with  Price US$
Barrel block, cable Cable with locking mechanism extends down barrel of gun, preventing it from being fired Trigger lock from Hodge Products, El Cajon, CA, tel. 800 778-2217 Any gun $10 up
Trigger block, mechanical Block fits between back of trigger and trigger guard and is secured by padlock Saf-T-Block from Concept Development, Scottsdale, AZ, tel. 800 472-4405 Any gun $20
Barrel block, rod Metal rod with locking mechanism extends down barrel of gun, preventing bullets from entering firing chamber Chamber-Safe from Rocky Mountain Tool & Armory, Huntington Beach, CA, tel: 714 848-3234. Selected guns $30
Trigger block, magnetic, integrated Internal pin blocks trigger mechanism, and is released when user wears a magnetic ring Magloc from Smart Lock Technology, Richmond, BC, tel. 604 551-8492 Selected guns $70
Trigger lock, detached Clamshell device fits over trigger mechanism, immobilizing it. Requires key or combination to open. In mechanical and electromechanical styles. Master Lock Co., Milwaukee, WI, tel. 414 444-2800; Speed Release, Dallas, TX, tel. 800 939-2311; Hodge Products, El Cajon, CA tel. 800 778-2217 Any gun $10 up
Trigger lock, built-in Small hex key with hollow end turns shaft in rear of gun handle to lock/unlock trigger Taurus Firearms, Miami, FL, tel. 800-327-3776 Selected gun models varies
Trigger lock, integrated Combination lock in gun grips prevents trigger from being pulled Saf-T-Lok, West Palm Beach, FL, tel. 561-478-5625 Selected gun models $70
Hammer lock, mechanical Device prevents firing pin from coming in contact with bullet. Can sound alarm. Gunlock, Inc., North Haven, CT, tel. 203 239-5958 Any gun $35
Removable hammer Hammer can be removed then reinstalled quickly when gun is needed Saf-T-Hammer Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ, tel. 877 723-8426 Many guns $50
Hammer lock, magnetic Magnet in revolver frame prevents hammer from moving unless user is wearing a magnetic ring Magna-Trigger from Tarnhelm Supply Co., Boscawen, NH, tel. 603 796-2551 Selected S&W gun models $250 plus $40 for a ring
Hammer lock, magnetic Magnet in shotgun frame prevents hammer from moving unless user is wearing a magnetic ring Shotguns from Mossberg, North Haven, CT, tel. 203-230-5380 Selected models varies
Hammer lock, magnetic Fulton Arms, Houston, says it will have a smart gun on the market in a matter of weeks that unlocks by reading a magnetic code, similar to the magnetic strip found on the back of a credit card. [Philadelphia Inquirer, June 1998] Fulton Arms, Houston, TX, claims to be inventor of term “smart gun”
Magazine lock Combination lock in pistol grip prevents bullets from entering firing chamber Saf-T-Lok, West Palm Beach, FL, tel. 561 478-5625 Selected gun models $90
Chamber indicators Visual indication of whether or not a bullet is in the chamber Walther, Beretta Selected models varies


Firearm safety during hunting, transportation or range

Whether you are a hunter, shooting sports competitor, casual shooter preparing for a day at the range, or just heading out to take your firearm to a gunsmith, these guidelines should be observed.

Hunting safety

Whether using a rifle or shotgun, the rules for gun safety while hunting are not very different. Combined with the generic gun safety rules, they are designed to preserve the safety of you and your two-and four-legged hunting companions.

Before the Hunting Trip

Before leaving home, sight-in your firearm by practicing with the firearm and ammunition combination you intend to use during the hunt. “Sighting in” a rifle means you know exactly where the bullet will land when your sights are properly aligned.

During the Hunt
  Always point the muzzle away
from yourself and others
Know How to Carry a Firearm Safely
Here are common ways to do so:
Two-Handed or Ready Carry Here the rifle or shotgun is held with two hands and the muzzle is pointed up and toward the front. The firearm is in a semi- “port arms” position. The trigger-finger rests on the trigger guard.
Cradle Carry The fore stock of the firearm is cradled in the crook of the non-trigger arm with the elbow bent. The trigger finger is kept off the trigger and resting on the trigger guard. Care must be taken that hunting companions are not in line with the muzzle, as the gun’s barrel is pointed directly to the side.
Trail Carry Here the firearm is grasped with one hand at a balance point approximately over the action and trigger. The muzzle points ahead and down. Do not use this carry if companions are walking ahead of you.
Elbow or Side Carry The firearm is carried by one hand with the stock tucked between the elbow and body. This carry is not advised when walking through dense brush or when others are walking in front of you.
Shoulder Carry With the fore stock resting on your shoulder, the muzzle of the gun should be pointed skyward. Do not use this carry if someone is walking behind you.
Sling Carry Using a sling to carry the rifle or shotgun over the shoulder, both hands are free.

When walking side-by-side in a line across a field, hunters at either end of the line should use the cradle or side carry. Hunters in the middle should use either the side or two-handed/rest carry.

When walking in single file the leader may choose any of the carries with the exception of the shoulder carry where the muzzle points up and toward the rear. Hunters in the center of the line should use the two-handed or cradle carry. The last hunter may use the two-hand, cradle, sling, or shoulder carry.

Establish Zones of Fire

When hunting with companions, determine ahead of time the “zone of fire” or area within which each hunter will track and fire should game appear. Other hunters must not encroach on the zone of another hunter.

Shooting Positions

There are essentially four shooting positions





Gun Safety While Hunting from Boats

There is a safety-etiquette for handling firearms when hunting from a boat. First, place the gun that will be used by the hunter who will be seated in the bow of the boat into the boat, unloaded, with its muzzle pointing forward over the bow. Next, the first hunter takes his place in the bow. The second firearm, also unloaded, is set in the stern of the boat with its muzzle pointing rearward. While underway, keep the forward firearm from extending over the bow or gunwales (boat sides) so it doesn’t catch on brush or reeds. Anchor the boat before shooting. The hunters should always shoot facing in opposite directions.

Gun Safety While Hunting from a Pit or Blind

Before entering the blind or pit, lay the unloaded gun on the ground near the entrance. Once in the blind, retrieve the firearm taking care to keep the muzzle free of dirt, mud or snow. The same precaution should be taken upon leaving. Place the unloaded firearm outside the blind before attempting to leave it yourself.

Other Important Safety Rules
  • Positively Identify Your Target Before Shooting
  • When in Doubt, Don’t Take the Shot
  • Never Use a Scoped Firearm For Binoculars
  • During a Fall, Control the Direction of a Muzzle
  • After a Fall, Check Firearm for Damage or Barrel Obstructions
  • Know When to UnloadDuring, the hunt, unload before climbing a fence, a steep grade, a slippery slope. After the hunt, unload before returning to camp or your car.

During transport

Firearm Transport Laws and Regulations

Laws governing firearms transportation vary from state to state. Before transporting your firearm anywhere (even to the shooting range), be make sure that you are familiar with your own state’s regulations. When you are crossing state and local jurisdictional boundaries, you should always check with local and state authorities for the latest federal, state, and local Laws and regulations covering the transport of firearms.

Basic Safety Rules for Transporting Guns

These rules are especially important in all situations:

  • Never pull a firearm toward you by the barrel
    If you attempt to remove a firearm from an automobile, a boat, a duck blind by pulling it toward you by the barrel, the trigger could catch on some object and accidentally discharge.
  • Never pick up a firearm with your finger on the trigger

In addition, observe the following safety precautions:

  • Keep Your Firearms Unloaded
  • Place Your Firearms in a Protective, Locked Case.
  • Secure Your Firearms So They cannot move about during Travel
  • When Using Public Transportation Check with the Carrier
    for added Regulations

Range Safety

Safety on the range depends upon everyone on the firing line observing firearms safety procedures. Shooting may be an individual activity, but safety is the common concern for all.

  Instantly obey firing line commands  

Informal Range Activities

Typical safety procedures used during informal range activities are:

The Range is Hot! This phrase, passed from shooter to shooter down the line on a range, indicates that no one is down range hanging targets or otherwise in the line of fire. Shooting can begin at the participants’ individual pace.
Cease Fire! When a participant asks for a “Cease Fire” that usually signals the desire to set up new targets or perform some activity in front of the firing line on the range. After each participant acknowledges the “Cease Fire,” all firearms are unloaded and set down with the actions open. Never handle a firearm on the firing line when anyone is downrange during a “Cease Fire.”
Ready on the Right! Ready on the Left! After all activity down range has been completed and all shooters have returned to the safety of the firing line, the question is asked if the line is “Ready?” The response signaling the conditions necessary before the range is “Hot” is to announce “Ready on the Left!” and “Ready on the Right!” At this point the phrase “The Range is Hot” is repeated by each shooter.
Formal Shooting CompetitionsCommon commands during formal shooting competitions include:
Is the Line Ready? At this point competitors signal whether or not they are prepared to begin the event.
Not Ready! This is the response of any competitor not yet prepared to shoot.
The Line is Not Ready! Command given by the range officer if all competitors are not finished their preparations.
The Line is Ready! Signal that all competitors are awaiting the signal to begin the event.
Load! Although the competitors are “ready,” their firearms are kept unloaded until the Range Officer gives this command.
Ready on the Firing Line! At this command, competitors relax and begin to control their breathing.
Commence Firing! This command speaks for itself. If during an event your firearm malfunctions, place the firearm with the muzzle in a safe direction (pointed down range) and signal the range officer.
Cease Firing! At this command, everyone stops. Actions of all firearms are opened. Every firearm is checked to insure that it is unloaded. Activity remains quiet until the range officer signals “Clear” indicating any malfunction has been corrected.

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Handguns primer

Types of Handguns

The term to describe a firearm designed to be held and fired from one hand is “handgun.” Although some use “pistol” as a generic term for all types of handguns, that is not technically correct.

Technically, a pistol is any handgun in which the chamber is part of the barrel. That includes semi-automatics, single shot handguns, or multiple barrel pistols such as multi-shot derringers. A strict application of the term excludes revolvers where the chamber is found inside the cylinder. Nevertheless, “pistol” has become a generic term applied to virtually all handguns.

There are many handgun variations, both modern and antique. While the handgun designs popular in the 19th Century are enjoying a resurgence thanks to “cowboy” and Civil War marksmanship competitions, the two most popular and widely-used modern handgun designs are the revolver and the “auto-loader” or semi-automatic.

Semi-automatic and revolver handguns can be either double action or single action.

Single Action: An action that requires a manual cocking of the hammer before sufficient pressure on the trigger releases the firing mechanism.

Double Action: An action where a single pull of the trigger cocks and releases the hammer.


The two most common configurations for revolvers each have solid frames. One has a fixed cylinder, whereby a bushing and cylinder rod extend through the frame holding the cylinder in place, while the other has a cyclinder that swings out from the frame for loading and unloading.

Fixed Cylinder Revolvers

The fixed-cylinder design is the oldest. Perhaps the most widely-known model is the Colt Single Action Army, used by the post-Civil War U.S. military and relied upon by old-time law enforcement and western cattlemen, homesteaders and even the Old West’s legendary outlaws. The originals are valuable collector’s items.

How to load a fixed cylinder revolver

  1. Loading the fixed cylinder revolver requires manually placing the hammer on “half cock” (a position aptly named as the hammer literally is thumbed halfway between its resting position and its fully cocked position toward the rear of the frame). This allows the cylinder to freely rotate without working the trigger.
  2. Point the muzzle toward the ground. Next open the hinged “loading gate” located on the right side of the frame to the rear of the cylinder. With the loading gate swung to the outside, load a fresh cartridge via the “loading ramp” into the empty chamber. Manually advance the cylinder to expose access to the next chamber and repeat the process.
  3. While on half-cock and with the loading gate open, rotate the cylinder and visually inspect all individual chambers for a “high” or protruding primer. Unless the primer is seated properly, it may cause the cylinder to free and not freely rotate. Remove any cartridge with a “high primer.”
  4. Keep the sixth chamber in the cylinder empty. For safety reasons, 19th Century hand gunners developed this practice. The hammer with its fixed firing pin was lowered onto the empty chamber in order to avoid accidental discharges that might occur if the hammer is accidentally struck, the handgun dropped, or if the revolver swept from its holster by a branch or brush while in pursuit of a lost calf. The practice is a standard safety procedure today.

As its name states, the Single Action Army is a “single action” style revolver. That means the hammer must be cocked each time a shot is to be fired. Cocking the hammer moves the cylinder to align a chamber with the forcing cone at the breech of the barrel at the front and the firing pin at the rear. A cylinder stop rises from the bottom of the frame and engages the cylinder notch to hold the cylinder in place for firing. As the trigger is brought rearward, the hammer falls and its firing pin strikes the primer at the center of the cartridge base.

In “double action” variations, the fixed cylinder revolver cycles the cocking of the hammer and revolving of the cylinder to line up the next cartridge in ready to fire position via the rearward motion of the trigger prior to the point where the hammer falls and firing pin strikes the cartridge primer. Obviously, this takes more pressure on the trigger and more complex mechanical functioning. For this reason and because of the crisper trigger release, traditional revolver target shooters prefer firing even double action revolvers in single action mode.

How to unload a fixed cylinder revolver

  1. To unload, return the hammer to the half-cock position.
  2. Point the muzzle of the handgun skyward and push the ejector rod, located beneath the barrel, to the rear. The rod will pass through the cylinder pushing the spent cartridge case out of the cylinder.
  3. Once all the spend casing is removed, manually rotate the cylinder to the next chamber and repeat the procedure.
Swing-Out Cylinder Revolvers

The solid-frame swing-out cylinder design revolver has been the dominant revolver style throughout the 20th century to the present day. Invariably, they allow “selective” firing in either single action (manual hammer cocking) or double action, unless the hammer is covered by a shroud.

The cylinder is mounted on a “crane” assembly that, upon activation of a release latch, allows the cylinder to swing away from the frame for ease of loading and unloading. Cylinders in American-made revolvers of this style swing out to the left of the frame. The cylinder release latch is manufactured in a variety of styles and is usually found on the left of the frame and to the rear of the cylinder.

Smith & Wesson-type revolvers traditionally employ a cylinder release that is pushed forward. Early Colt revolvers had a knob-like release that had to be pulled to the rear. Ruger elected to employ a push-button release. Later designs borrowed from the innovative Dan Wesson revolvers, which had a cylinder lock-up approach that was forward of the cylinder. This improved accuracy through increased strength.

Because of this variety of manufacturing techniques, it’s critically important that you get to know your revolver thoroughly before using it.

How to load a swing-out cylinder revolver

  1. Loading or unloading the left-swinging cylinders of these revolvers is perhaps easiest when the revolver is held with the left hand positioned under the frame. Cradle the revolver with the barrel between the thumb and index finger and the trigger guard resting on the palm of the hand.
  2. Unlock the cylinder with the right hand, push the cylinder open using the second and third fingers inserted through the frame’s cylinder opening. Keep the tips of the second and third fingers on the cylinder itself to hold it steady. Hold the revolver with its muzzle pointing toward the ground. This position exposes the cylinder’s chambers for ease of access.
  3. Load fresh cartridges by feeding each individually into the cylinder chambers or by means of a “speedloader,” a device that holds the correct number of cartridges for the specific revolver model by the base of the cartridges with the bullet free to slip into each chamber in the cylinder. The speedloader allows the entire cylinder to be loaded with one quick movement. With the bullets positioned in the chambers, the speedloader’s release is either pushed or turned, freeing the cartridges to drop into place.
  4. Push the cylinder back into place, and then securely snug the revolver into the trigger hand.

How to unload a swing-out cylinder revolver

  1. Unloading reverses the procedure, with one difference. Once the cylinder is swung open, use your thumb to push the ejector rod that extends through the middle of the cylinder. This forces the ejector head out of the rear of the cylinder, which lifts each spent cartridge case from the cylinder chambers.
  2. With a quick, fluid turn of the wrist, shift the muzzle from pointing to the ground to pointing skyward, dumping the empty cartridges.

Semi-automatic handguns are commonly known as “automatics” and also as “auto-loaders” (a term that describes only part of the process). A single pull of the trigger causes a semi-automatic handgun to perform a complete cycle of firing, unloading of the spent cartridge case, reloading of the chamber with a fresh live cartridge from the magazine, and cocking of the firing mechanism.

Mechanical Functioning

From the point of view of how the firearm functions, “automatic” would be the most correct descriptive term. Where the term “automatic” becomes misleading is when the reference is to rate of fire. Strictly speaking, an “automatic” firearm fires all the cartridges in a magazine by pulling and holding the trigger once. A “semi-automatic” firearm fires one cartridge with each pull of the trigger.

Note: It is illegal to convert a semi-automatic to an automatic weapon. Please check with local law enforcement authorities for further details.

In general, when the trigger of a semi-automatic handgun is pulled, a force caused by the energy of the gases released by the ignited propellant not only sends the bullet down the bore of the barrel toward the target, but also propels the breech mechanism backward. A disconnecting unit disengages the sear from the trigger bar. This keeps the firearm from firing more than one shot per trigger pull. Normally, the union of the sear and the trigger bar holds the hammer or striker at full cock.

Smaller-caliber semi-automatics (.22, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, and .380 or 9mm Kurz) use a “blowback” operation design. A spring keeps the breechblock tight against the head of the cartridge. The recoil is caused by the gases acting according to the laws of physics, namely, the gases move in the opposite direction of the bullet traveling forward. This recoil forces the head of the cartridge case back against the face of the breechblock.

Traditional larger-caliber semi-automatics such as the .45 ACP use a “locked-breech” design whereby the breech remains firmly locked until the bullet has left the barrel. The same rearward force as in the simple blowback design occurs, but the breechblock that is locked to the barrel draws the barrel a short way to the rear also. Once the bullet exits the muzzle, the rearward movement of the barrel is stopped and it is unlocked from the breechblock. Only then does the breechblock continue its rearward movement to complete the cycling process.

The locking mechanism in Browning-style semi-automatics consists of ribs on the top of the barrel that lock into grooves in the slide. The two disengage as the barrel swings downward on a link during its brief movement toward the rear.

In general, semi-automatic handguns can be seen as having three main components: the receiver, the barrel, and the slide. The receiver has a hollow handle into which the magazine is fitted. The firing mechanism is typically found at the rear of the receiver and includes the hammer, sear, disconnector and a variety of springs and safety devices. The slide is attached to the receiver to allow the smooth forward and rearward motion necessary to allow the handgun to function. The rear section of the slide is the breechblock.

Semi-automatic handguns can have a variety of safeties incorporated into their design. Some, such as the 1911AI Colt .45, have a manual thumb safety at the left rear of the receiver that locks hammer and sear and prevents the slide from moving. It also has a grip safety that requires pressure from a firm hold to depress the safety and allow the trigger and sear to engage prior to firing.

Many modern semi-automatic handguns have “ambidextrous” safety levers that allow access from either side, depending on whether the marksman is left- or right-handed.

Tips on Handling

While storing handguns safely is undoubtedly important, handling it properly is also of utmost concern. Below are some tips on the proper handling of handgun.

Safety Note: Always visually inspect a semi-automatic’s chamber before and after inserting or withdrawing a magazine.

How to load a semi-automatic

  1. Loading a semi-automatic requires several steps. First, cartridges must be loaded into the magazine.
    • Be very careful to load only the correct caliber ammunition for that particular firearm.
    • Equally important, be sure to check that each cartridge is loaded facing the correct direction. That is, each cartridge loaded into the magazine must be pointing bullet-first toward the chamber of the barrel.
  2. To load cartridges into the magazine, the cartridge must be placed on the magazine follower or platform at the opening or mouth of the magazine. Push the cartridge toward the rear of the follower under the magazine’s bent metal or polymer lip. The addition of cartridges depresses the spring beneath the follower.
  3. After the magazine is loaded, a common practice is to tap the back of the magazine against the palm of your hand to settle the cartridges uniformly in the magazine.
  4. Typically, the magazine can be inserted into its magazine well opening at the bottom of the handgun’s grip with the slide either locked in its open position, that is, to the rear of the receiver. Alternatively, it can be inserted with the slide closed.
  5. If the magazine is inserted with the slide locked back, closing the slide will strip the top cartridge from the magazine and seat it into the chamber. If the magazine is closed when the magazine is inserted, the slide must be manually opened, then closed before a cartridge from the magazine can be placed in the chamber.

How to unload a semi-automatic

  1. Unloading the semi-automatic reverses the procedure. First, the magazine release button (usually on the left side of the receiver near and slightly below the area where the rear section of the trigger guard meets the grip) must be depressed. Remove the magazine. Next, and this is extremely important,Always open the slide to visually inspect
    the chamber for any remaining cartridges.
    Simply removing the magazine
    does not guarantee the firearm is unloaded.
    A cartridge can remain in the chamber.
  2. Resist any temptation to pull open the slide by grasping it between the thumb and one or more fingers in a “Y” or “slingshot” fashion. You should avoid this technique bacause it does not provide the most secure grip. Instead, take the non-shooting hand and, with the palm over the top of the slide, grasp the slide with four fingers and the thumb and push it to the rear.Working the slide, in traditionally-designed handguns, loads the chamber and cocks the firing mechanism. If the handgun in question is single action, this puts it in the firing mode. If it is double action, simply pulling the trigger will cock the hammer device for the first round. Many handguns have a “decocker” that when engaged drops the hammer from cocked and ready to a dormant, non-firing state even if a cartridge is in the chamber.
Handgun Ammunition

There are two basic categories of handgun ammunition: rimfire and centerfire. The difference is the location of the primer. (Cutaway illustrations of typical .22 long rifle cartridge and centerfire pistol cartridge – indicate bullet, cartridge case, powder charge, primer in each)

Handgun ammunition ranges from the .22 long rifle rimfire cartridge to the very new, very powerful .480 Ruger. Handgun calibers include the .25 ACP, .32 magnum, the .380 ACP, .38 Special, .38 super, 9 mm, .357 SIG, .357 magnum, the .40 Smith & Wesson, 10 mm, .41 Special, the .41 magnum, .44 Special, .44 Magnum, the .45 ACP, the .454 Casull and a variety of “wildcat” calibers.

Rifles primer

History of the Rifle

It is thought that the technique of applying spiral grooves to the inside bore of a barrel we call “rifling” began to appear in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Oral tradition claims rifling first evolved from the straight cuts in a bore made in 1498 by Viennese marksman Caspar Kollner to facilitate loading. The earliest written description of a spiral rifled firearm is found in an inventory of firearms from Turin, Italy, dated 1478.

The 19th century saw perhaps the greatest rate of invention in the evolution of the rifle. It opened with the Napoleonic Wars where massed formations of troops confronted each other with single-shot, muzzle loading flintlocks and ended with the world’s armies equipped with sophisticated repeating rifles that fired fixed, metallic ammunition. With the transition from ignition systems of scraps of sharpened flint sparking against steel frizzens to percussion cap ignitions (similar to today’s primers), firearms technology began moving at a rapid pace.

The American Civil War was the first major war where rifled firearms were employed by troops other than special units. The increased accuracy and distance gained by rifling the barrel’s bore also made it one of history’s bloodiest wars. During that terrible half decade, military small arms technology began to favor breech-loading weapons where powder, primer and bullet were contained in a single brass cartridge case.

During the last four decades of the 19th Century, manufacturers such as Sharps, Maynard, Remington, and Whitney produced popular and accurate single-shot rifles that fired metallic cartridges loaded via the firearm’s breech. Others, such as Winchester, Marlin, and Ballard, concentrated on lever-action rifles.

In Germany, the Mauser family was developing the bolt-action rifle, while Britain, in keeping with the demands of big-game hunting, concentrated on single and double barrel rifles capable of withstanding powerful cartridges.

Types of Rifles

Modern rifles come in all types, including working reproductions of cowboy-era rifles. There are “slide-action” rifles that operate identically to their slide or pump action shotgun cousins, as well as lever actions, bolt actions, and semi-automatic actions.

Bolt Action Rifles

Germany’s Paul Mauser is credited with inventing the first successful metallic cartridge bolt-action rifle in 1867. The bolt-operated firearm has a low, cylindrical receiver that cradles the bolt. The bolt’s handle projects over the receiver wall to the right (except in actions built specifically for left-handed shooters), pointing either in a straight line from the bolt itself, or curved downward towards the trigger guard. The two principal types of bolt actions are the turn-bolt and the straight-pull.

In the turn-bolt design, lifting the bolt handle rotates the locking lugs on the bolt out of engagement and begins the cartridge extraction process. Pulling the bolt handle to the rear extracts and ejects the fired cartridge case. Pushing the bolt handle forward strips a fresh cartridge from the magazine toward the chamber. Turning the bolt handle down engages the locking lugs in the corresponding recesses in the receiver and locks the action preparatory to firing.

Turn-bolt actions for high-power cartridges always have two or more locking lugs to reinforce the receiver’s strength. For rifles chambered for low powered .22 rimfire cartridges, a locking lug may not be present on the bolt. Instead, some manufacturers use the square surface of the bolt handle that locks into a special cut in the receiver as the locking mechanism. Others, particularly high-quality competitive rifles, use the locking lug technique.

In a straight-pull action, pulling the bolt straight backward unlocks the action and, with the same movement, extracts and ejects whatever is in the chamber. Pushing the bolt straight forward reloads the empty chamber and locks the action.

The Mauser-derived turn-bolt action has a system of cam-cocking that causes the firing pin to be pulled back into the bolt’s body and away from the primer when the bolt is lifted and moved rearward. When the bolt handle is turned down, the camming motion completes the compression of the main spring and cocks the rifle.

Lever Action Rifles

As its name indicates, the characteristic feature of a lever action rifle is the lever located below the receiver. The lever also forms the trigger guard.

The lever action rifle’s breechblock, an oblong steel block carrying the extractor and firing pin, is locked and unlocked by the action of the operating lever. Working the lever down and forward opens the action. Returning it to its original position with an upward and rearward swing closes the action. Lever guns do not use lugs to lock the breechblock into place. Instead, some have breech locks that wedge between the face of the breech and the receiver’s rear wall. Others have locking bolts that are raised into locking grooves in the side walls of the receiver.

Lever guns can have an exposed hammer or hammerless design. They may have tubular, box, or rotary magazines.

Slide or Pump Action Rifles

Most, but not all, slide-action rifles are made to fire the .22 rimfire. Tubular magazines are most commonly found on slide-action guns.

Slide action rifles are sturdy and simple to operate. The rifle’s operating rod or “action bar” runs from the fore-end or “slide handle” under the barrel through a slot in the receiver to the breechblock. A stud on the rear end of the action bar rides in a camming slot in the side of the breechblock. When the slide handle is pulled to the rear, the action bar lug is forced backward in its slot in the breechblock and the sloping slot cams the breechblock either up or down depending on the make of the rifle. The locking lug is disengaged from its seat in the receiver. The continuation of the rearward pull causes the unlocked breechblock to extract and eject the fired cartridge case, cock the rifle, and raise a new round from the magazine.

Pushing the slide handle forward pulls the breechblock forward and pushes the new cartridge off the carrier into the chamber. The lug on the action bar comes up against the camming section of its slot and cams the locking lug into its recess in the receiver completing the chambering of the round and locking the breech into position prior to firing.

Semi-automatic Actions

The three main categories of semi-automatic rifles are blowbackrecoil operated, and gas operated. These are the same categories found in semi-automatic handguns and shotguns.

Blowback Action Rifles The blowback action is the simplest. It is a popular action for .22 rim fire cartridges. The blowback action consists of a relatively heavy breechblock that freely moves back and forth in the receiver. Gases released upon firing force the head of the cartridge case up against the face of the breechblock. The breechblock is then driven forward by the recoil or operating spring.While simple in concept, the smooth operation of this type action depends upon just the right mix of applied physics and mechanical functioning. When a cartridge is fired the resultant gases not only push the bullet up the bore towards the target, they also exert sideways pressure on the walls of the cartridge case and rearward pressure that forces the head of the cartridge case against the breechblock.Factors to be considered are the weight of the parts needed to be moved, friction, and the power necessary to compress the recoil spring. If a rifle is to operate smoothly, all mechanical parts must perform their roles flawlessly. To achieve that desired status and mechanical/ballistic harmony, the parts, spring tension, etc. must all be ideally suited to the particular type ammunition you will be shooting. When all factors are in proper balance, the effect of the gases on the breechblock will cause the breechblock to be sent on its rearward journey after the bullet has exited the bore and the sideways pressure forcing the cartridge case tightly against the receiver walls has subsided.In order to avoid constant problems, the rifle’s breechblock must not be so heavy that it fails to move after a round is fired. In this case, the action will jam because of the failure to cycle through the firing, extracting and ejecting, reloading process. The reverse situation is equally undesirable: namely, the breechblock moves so rapidly that the extractor tears off the head of the cartridge, rather than removing the entire case from the chamber.Delayed or Retarded Blowbacks use a variety of devices to prevent the breech from opening as rapidly as in a straight blowback gun.
Recoil Action Rifles In recoil action rifles, the barrel and the breechblock actually slide in horizontal guides for a short distance while locked together when the gun is fired. The rearward motion of the barrel halts when it engages a stop in the receiver. The extremely short time it takes until this point allows the pressure in the chamber to drop sufficiently where the cartridge case is no longer pushed violently against the chamber walls and is now extractible.Once the barrel’s motion is halted, a cam unlocks the breechblock from the barrel, allowing it to continue traveling to the rear, during which time it extracts and ejects the cartridge case, cocks the hammer, and compresses the recoil spring. At the end of the breechblock’s rearward movement, the recoil spring drives it forward to load a new cartridge and cam its locking surfaces into their seats in the barrel.
Gas Operated Rifles In gas-operated actions, a small amount of gas is bled off into an auxiliary chamber, where it pushes a piston that creates a force to unlock and open the action. The action is closed and locked by a recoil spring that is compressed during the rearward action. Gas-operating systems can use a long-stroke piston or a short-stroke piston.The long-stroke design siphons off gas under somewhat low pressure via a port near the muzzle. The operating rod is fastened to the piston stem and extends all the way back to the receiver where it engages the breechblock or bolt. The short-stroke design takes its charge of high-pressure gas by means of a port only inches forward of the chamber. The operating rod is not attached to the piston stem; rather, it is mounted just behind it. The piston is driven violently to the rear where it hits the forward end of the operating rod. This blow drives the operating rod to the rear causing the same process of unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking, reloading, and locking as occurs in the long-stroke design.

Small gun safe brands to avoid

The market scenario is pitiful when it comes to handgun safes.Almost all companies basically import these safes from china and market it under different name.

Almost all of these company are looking to profit from these cheap design and generic locks.

We will not talk about the steel thickness as it does not matter because these devices have other flaws that are more important to discuss.

First is the design-Almost all these safe have some type of gap.So one can reach it with some sort or wire or paper clip, straw etc.They can reach either to the latch or the reset button or both.So the type of lock weather electronic or bio metric is totally a useless advertising.

The second is the bypass lock itself-They are cheap generic locks used to reduce construction price and increase profit.Some require special lock picking device like tubular lock picks -a most commonly used lock in these handgun safes.

Others which have used other kind of bypass locks can also be defeated using other specialized lock picking device.All these device can be ordered from amazon for cheap and there are videos of how to pick different type of locks all over Youtube.

Heck some of these locks are so cheap and useless that they can be open by simple device like paper clips,cable tie etc which need not be even bought.

At first I didn’t wanted to give direct links to these videos or sites because of safety reasons but i guess it is too late since there are already large number of these types of safe in american homes.

So we think its important that you know how vulnerable these safe are so that you can rectify them or at least be alert of the vulnerabilities.A perfect resource for that is

Safety factors that needs to be considered if you have these safes at home.

Covet entry-Safe that can be opened using paperclips,straw,plastic zip tie or tape.These types are totally not recommendable.

If you have these types of safe or plan on buying we would recommend only if you have toddlers but you need to alter it by welding, sealing the holes or changing the lock.

Forced entry=Safe that are somewhat secure to covet entry but can be opened using more than paperclip,straw,plastic zip tie or tape etc,example-using screw driver,lock picking tools  etc which may or may not leave marks and scratches.

These are also not recommendable for permanent storage mainly because a gun is and always be a source of curiosity for a young child and  weather your child have interest or proclivity towards lock-picking or cracking a safe, given the number of handgun safe sold everyday there is a chance few will try to open them and be successful which is in itself fearful to think about.

It will be difficult to point out every gun safe brands in the list here because new brands are and will be popping up every another day.

So what we say you is to look at the design of the safes that has been found to be compromising safety at various online resources like,Tobias analysis of various handgun safe(Google it), Defcon 19 gun safe talk(Google it) or Lock picking lawyer Youtube channel.

We will list some of the safes that are totally no no .And when you look at any other new brands you compare its design.If it is similar to what we discuss for various brands below you certainly should avoid it.

This is because the since almost all of these safes are imported from china,a similar design is bound to have similar vulnerabilities as there is no guidelines on how to manufacture these safes and the companies marketing them have almost no experience in making security devices.

1.)Gunvault-All models.

Gunvault SVB500

Gunvault MV1000,MV500

Gunvault minivault

Gunvault MV1050-19

2.)Sentry all models.

3.)Liberty HDX-150,Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-200 (Exception Liberty HDX-250 with updated design.)

4.)Amazon basics-all models,

5.)Stackon all models.(Exception may be PS 1514-Updated)

6.)RPNB all models,

7.)First watch or Homak all models.

8.)Cacagoo vault






14.)Bald eagle


16.)Big horn safe co.

17.)Bulldog vaults

18.)Homak security




22.)Stealth tactical electronic and bio metric models. (Now improved)

23.)Steel patriot-Only to someone living alone.Opens with Bluetooth app.Also a determined               lockpicker can open the bypass lock

24.)Stop box

25.)Tiger king-Somewhat resistant.But can be pried open for determined lock-picker.

26.)Union safe co.

27.)Vaultek safe-All models.Exception-(Vaultek VT 20 i Upgraded version-printed on the manual)
Wait a minute!! What about all the other sites recommending these safes?

Other sites recommending these safes are either Gun magazine or outdoor sports company trying to sell you any safe that can find advertising flashy or fancy features,but they are just overlooking the safety aspect of these safes.There only source of information is amazon or online retailers and people reviews but as we have said even the top selling product are super vulnerable.

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Best Bedside gun safe-Night stand gun safe for self defense

You still pay quite a penny for a gun safe which you may open with tip of your pinky.If you dont believe see the demonstration videos on>demonstration videos.

Also to make a better choice we would want you to look into this page-Small gun safe brands to avoid.

There you will learn that most of the brands have no regards to the safety aspect of the safe and should be definitely be avoided.

In this post, I am mainly talking about bedside style safes, designed for pistols.More over, you may look into internet forum and web store reviews to figure out the experience of others using the product you are seeking.

Bedside gun safe was created to fit in your nightstand drawer easily. This kind of safe may be ideal for keeping handguns, and revolvers. A great bedside gun safe must be able to squeeze into any place, get installed quickly, provide quick access and keep gun out of reach of children.

But the most desirable feature is the quick access.So we will try to list that type of safe but without compromising the safety aspect of a handgun safe.

These are the selected few that you can buy.

First Choice-Mechanical handgun safe

We always recommend mechanical handgun safe with mechanical simplex locks as your first choice for any type of need,whether Home nightstand, office or even vehicles.

There is no other type of safe that can match the strength,safety and durability of these safes.To Learn about the all mechanical handgun safe listed above visit this page.(See the section under best safe for child protection.)

Second choice-Any safe that is pry resistant

We know that any handgun safe no matter what type are not especially resistant to burglary or forced entry with slightly bigger tools like hammer or cutter.This is because of its portable design and inferior quality steel.Even mechanical handgun safe fail at this point.

So our next criteria to selection of a safe is that it should be pry resistant.This means that it will not have any holes or gap to reach the locking mechanism.In addition the bypass lock should also be of acceptable quality and resistant to lockpicking.

Then look at any other feature like aesthetics or the type of lock.ex biometric,RFID,electronic, or blutooth smart phone app.

With that in mind here are some of the safe that we have shortlisted.

Stack-On PS-1514 Personal Safe

The above safe by stack on is the entry level safe but one of the highest selling products of stackon.The most common reason is its price.It comes for around $ 70.

Its earlier model PS-514-12 was like any other generic Chinese made gun safe on the market.But after it was reviewed by, they recalled it and introduced this one with some altered features that makes it somewhat pry resistant.

Stack on has added special mechanism in the solenoid inside the door locks which as we know is otherwise is vulnerable to bump opening.They have also rectified the other vulnerability which is opening the safe by reaching to the solenoid with paperclips etc.To know more you can visit>demostation viodeos>stackon.

Overall this safe is now a decent electronic keypad lock.But there one concern which is the bypass lock which is a wafer lock is not resistant to lock picking and the tools to do that is available to purchase online.We only recommend if you have small children who don’t have access to any such lock picking device.

Click here for latest price and more reviews on Amazon.

Liberty HDX 250 Biometric gun safe (Updated version)

This is another safe originally manufactured by 9G imprint but later aquired by liberty. It initially had design flaws but after being reviewed by was rectified by liberty.Initially this safe holes were under plastic covering on the corners.One could open the safe with a coat hanger wire by inserting it into through the hole and pressing the administration button and entering new fingerprint.

It also had gap near the bypass lock to do the same.But liberty now has sealed all these gaps and holes and rectified that fault.They have also changed the administration button which is now quite small making it difficult to press if anyone reaches it somehow.

The original 9G imprint had complaints of door popping open by dropping sideways but now this safe have one of the strongest latching mechanism available on present day handgun safes and it is made in USA.

But the safe still have tubular lock common in these type of handgun safe which can be picked with tubular picks available online.But overall if you have small children or lives alone or adults that are not a threat you can buy this safe.

If you want to be extra sure you can replace the bypass lock through your local locksmith.

The biometrics on this safe is not any better than other safe on the market but in terms of prying with common household items it can prevent those unauthorized access.

Click here for latest price and more reviews on amazon.

Hornady Rapid Gun Safe 

Stealth Handgun hanger safe 

Steel Patriot Smart Gun Safe

Another non mechanical safe that we are somewhat comfortable recommending is Steel patriot smart gun safe.It is a good design safe with no access to locking mechanism through hole or gaps.It is made in USA with 16 gauge steel.It has a bypass key which is difficult to replicate.

If someone want to pick the lock he has to use standard lock picking tools but still you cannot be assure that no one will be able to pick it.

Another feature is that it employs blue-tooth app to remotely open or close the safe which is debatable.The idea is that phone will always with the person using the safe.But this may also cause accident.

We recommend that you lock the phone as well the phone app with memorable code all the time if you are living with children but otherwise this is ideal if you are living alone.

If you want to be 100 sure you can replace the bypass lock with your local locksmith.

Click here latest price and more reviews on Amazon.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

Again a good safe but was not paid much attention to the hidden vulnerabilities.This safe was also redesigned after the review by was said about the bypass lock but i guess it probably needs improvement like previous version.It  was defeated by GOSO HU100 keyway pick.

After the review Vaultek improvement and now it don not have any gaps or holes anywhere except the mounting holes.So it cannot be opened by common household items but maybe can be opened with standard lock-picks.

Other than that the safe have good features like proximity sensor that lights up the keypad.A phone app to remotely open the safe and it keeps a log of time when the safe was open.It also has hot key functionality which tells you if the safe has been tampered though it was defeated  as it did not register any tampering when opened with paperclip etc(Original design).

The safe is biometric and portable and quick access-all the feature that may make you think it is ideal safe for bedroom which now it probably is except probably the bypass lock.

Overall we can recommend you this safe if you live alone or have young kids.Also as a precaution if you decide to use this safe get the bypass lock checked by local locksmith and keep your phone and the safe app locked all the time with a memorable code.

Click here for latest price and more reviews on Amazon.

A word about the biometric locks.

Biometric gun safes are the hottest items in the gun safe industry these days. In recent years, biometrics have been getting very popular in the tech industry with applications being found on laptops, PDA’s,  and smartphones; and are becoming even more popular every year.

There are a few reasons why people are turning to biometric gun safes to hold their firearms, with security being on the top. People are mainly buying biometrics because they don’t want to fumble with keys or are afraid others can find them.Other reasons people are turning to biometrics are speed, convenience and affordability.However one thing they overlook is that there in one common flaw in them which is that the real biometric security technology is not yet available at economic price.So although biometric safe look fancy they aren’t very reliable.

There are basically two kinds of biometric locks that are available on these safes-Capacitive and Optical.An optical take full image of your finger and matches the pattern with one in its memory.These may be quick but also has false rejection rate which on this price can come as compromised.

Other has capacitve sensor and records capacitance changes through ridges and valleys of your finger when you swipe it on the sensor and matches with the programmed pattern.But with the quality that you get you may need to swipe multiple times for it to work.So they can not really be called quick access.

An optical reader like on locksaf and barska are economy fingerprint lock and can be (if not easily) opened if someone gets your fingerprint.Specially kids might want to experiment with it by making a prostate fingerprint like explained for the locksaf safe in the Defcon 19 video by Deviant Ollam, the blackhat group presenter.The video also tells how to change the generic bypass lock to somewhat better lock in these kind of safes (Gun vault to be exact).

Others like Barska have been reported to false opened with false fingerprint if old print is not wiped off.

Also remember that they still are quite vulnerable to lock pick attack and pry attack,e

If you are really looking for biometrics because you think it is better than you finding keys every time and it gives you relatively quick access following safe has been extensively tested for reliability of fingerprint reader and found to be most reliable.

It was ultimately defeated but still it will be difficult to do by an average teenager.But as you know now that any biometric lock can be if one wants to.

Locksafe Biometric Pistol safe review

Locksaf Biometric Gun Safe is one of the best compared to its competitors.It has an optical type fingerprint reader so it may be fooled with an image of your print fingerprint although it has shown no to do so in the test by blackhat hacking group .It was only defeated with a prostate skin like substance with fingerprint made using some molding compound.The backup lock is a cross type lock which is quite resistant to cross picks. So this can be kept in bedroom for self defense purpose.

It weighs 22 lbs and manufactured with 9 gauge/3mm steel sheet.So it is heavy and sturdy compared to others.The lock is operated by a 9V battery and has two mechanical keys. Foam padding is perfectly designed to fit the guns or valuables inside the safe. The memory option of this safe can remember the fingerprints of 10 individuals. It has a backup in case the fingerprints do not work. Other than being biometric, Locksafe Biometric Gun safes claims to be somewhat fire proof, water proof although one should not expect much in this regard for a handgun safe .This safe also has foam padding inside to help keep your items in place. However the locking mechanism is not as instantaneous as one would hope. It is a bit lagging and also, there is a click when you open the safe so if you are also looking for something quiet to open this is not your safe.

You can buy this safe from authorized dealers near you. 

Also see-

Best under bed/trunk gun safe, Re-evaluating popular models

Best small gun safe-that are actually safe.

Handguns safe are are alternative ways to lock your weapons but they are not real security device.Their main purpose is to prevent children accessing your guns or smash and rob situation.

Security for handguns safes

Its should be obvious that Hand gun safes are not secure,no matter how they are advertised.For handgun safes security can refers to following

Can it be accidentally opened by dropping(since it is easy to carry) or other inadvertent methods.

Although there are so many safes that seem to be strong and sturdy and are highly priced some fall behind because of their locking mechanism and design. One such safe is 9G imprint safe, now acquired by liberty safe. Their safe was so unreliable that if you drop it sideways two times the door just pops right open, because of its spring latch design. Similarly biometric safes like Barska have scanner that needs to be wiped after an impression otherwise it can false open with any fingerprint. We try to avoid listing safes with such faulty design. So we do not recommend barska biometric or 9g safe although they are popular models. Also all electronic keypad type small safe that have front bolt type door only look strong but have major flaw that they all can be open by bumping it two three times as the solenoid in it is spring loaded which just unlock the bolt when it is receive a minor jerk. If you want more info you can listen to the Defcon 19 talk and the Tobias analysis of popular small gun safes  or the most latest test done by and Lockpicking Lawyer Youtube channel.

Can the lock be pried open like with paper clips or small screw driver etc without any trail marks.

Locks in these small safes are of very poor quality.They mainly have either a pin and tumbler key lock or tubular key locks.They are so old and are very easy to pick.All these locks can be easily picked with a pin or clip or a tubular lock pick by looking at Youtube for few minutes.Even the biometric safes are only base level design.Also since all lock basically have a hinge or level or bolt that hold up hook in the door from opening, if any one can alter that reaching with a paper clips or screw driver you basically have an open safe.Another way around is by reaching to the reset button inside the safe through holes,which just reset all the data in electronic and biometric safe so you can reprogram it with new data.So if you can look for wide gap in the linings or any holes in the safe avoid that safe.An example of such cheap quality design is of all Stackon handgun safes.They have a rubber electronic or biometric cover pad which can be removed with bare hands leaving wide hole to pick open the locking mechanism inside.

Only mechanical locks with simplex lock (combination made by Fortknox,Titan,Vline etc are the one whose locks you can rely on against picking or prying attack.

Can it be properly secured at a place so that it cannot be grabbed away.

This options is provided by most of the safes.They either have cable to tether it to a place or holes for bolting in the floor desk etc.Cable option can be less secure but allows you carry the safe when needed.

All this may sound like that there are more safe to avoid than to buy.It is because it is exactly like that.To know more Visit this page on Small gun safe brands to avoid to learn the market scenario of handgun safe today.

What is the best child protection safe ?

Best safe models for child protection are mechanical safes with simplex locks.Below are the four best models.They are sturdy in design not prone to prying with clips or small tools and protected against accidentally opening by dropping or bumping or false reading.Also do not have key override so you don’t need to worry about the lost key or them getting into someone else’s hand.Also they do not require batteries so you can leave them forever without any maintenance.Only downside is if you forget the combination you have to go to the lock smith.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

With 10 gauge steel all around and 6-7 gauge steel on top this safe is living up to its Fort Knox name. This safe is 22 pounds of security equipped with a simplex mechanical lock for those who do not want to fuss with keys or fingerprints and even has a gas strut to help with opening the door. Although this gas strut mechanism aids in opening the door it can also hinder your ability to do so in a quickly and timely manner. The only other downside that you may encounter with this safe would be the instructions that come with this particular model does not seem to always coincide with each other.

Click here for more detail,price,rating and reviews(Currently unavailable)

Click here for Fort knox front opening FTK auto pistol box (Alternative model on amazon)

Titan gun safe

The Titan Gun Safe is loaded with many features that allow you to feel safe. This gun safe can be mounted in several different places to include your car, boat, or even RV. The safe allows you to draw your pistol almost instantly upon opening the safe as the door feature allows the gun to move outwards as you are opening the door. Weighing in at only 10 pounds, this safe features an all mechanical lock system without the use of batteries. The con in this particular model would have to be the price. This safe has a hefty price tag of $388.00 from the website but yet some may say you cant put a price on safety.

Click here for more detail price rating and reviews

V-Line Top Draw Security Case

This 9 pound beauty has a much more pocket friendly price tag attached with its sleek design for added piece of mind for your safety needs. It does not need batteries and has a simplex lock system in place for to use. Although it is advertised as a Simplex locking system it is made in China and is therefore a look alike. The V-Line safe has a pry resistant shell with its clamshell design made of steel. The interior has nice foam padding and this safe is also used without batteries for the added piece of mind about not having to worry about dead batteries.

Click here for more detail price rating and reviews

Fas1 gun safe

This is another good mechanical gun safe company that makes handguns safes for all sizes.There safes features top gas spring auto opening design which conveniently present the firearm to you when opened.

They comes for various option like suppressed handguns,handguns with tactical light or serbu super shorty shotgun.

These safe are made of all body 7 gauge steel ,probably the thickest among all brands of small gun safes.

They comes with optional in house manufactures In&out lock using camlock T8 to work in conjunction with simplex lock for extra security.

They do not have pre drilled holes but you can drill them yourself on any side depending on the way you want to mount it.

There aren’t any negatives for this safes and is highly recommended if want have only handguns and don’t want to go for larger cabinet for this price which is about $ 300.

Click here for more detail, latest price, reviews and ratings of fas1 magnum TL on Amazon.

 Fas1 safe official site.

Stealth hanger mechanical

This Stealth safe is manufactured in same factory as Amsec safe and is similar in design to Fortnox FTK-PB safe with 10 gauge body and 3/16 (7 gauge) wrap around door and a thick steel bolt.

The steel bolt is way more thicker than the Fortknox and provide much more pry resistance. There are also at the hinge side two 7 gauge lugs that hooks under two solid steel dead bars at either inside corners for protection against hinge attack.

The gas stut  completely lift the lid and keep it open but the gas piston says to be made in china.

The KABA simplex lock however is made in USA and  has 1081 combination options.The lock is encased in a steel to make it punch attack resistant.

It also has a removable handle to conveniently carry it around, is padded with high density pluck foam inside for customizable fit for the firearm.It has four pre drilled holes at the bottom for mounting.You can also mount it using a security cable passing through these holes.

People also found the simplex lock t be more securely fastened than Fortknox and the buttons do not slop.However some though fewer found to be exact opposite so maybe it was a quality control issue.

It has dimension of 4.25″ H (5.25″ H with knob) 12.56″ W  10.25″ (11.5″ D with handle), weighs about 24 lbs and and is quite a secure and sturdy safe.

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What is the best safe for self defence

If home protection is what that concern you look for safe that can be brought in the bedroom and with quick access and may be with biometrics. See- Bedside gun safe


Online reviews are mixed for gun safe at this price. On the one hand, for people who were buying a safe with realistic expectations about how secure it is, were happy.

On the other hand, less positive reviews came from folks who didn’t understand what they were getting, and were expecting a high security safe to keep any thief out of their valuables. Keeping expectations straight at this price point is important!

If you choose to go with second option, our recommendation is you don’t buy a handgun safe at all and better find a place out of the way to hide your gun. You can more than make up for the useless construction of safes at this price with a really good hiding spot! .

Best long gun safe-RSCs built like true safes

Storing long guns has always been one of the more challenging aspects of ownership. These weapons are cumbersome and take up a considerable amount of space.But before we compare some of the best rifle gun safe reviews we have to point out three things.

First-Gun safe industry is not similar to the true safes industry.There is much more competition.So in an effort to increase sales companies may advertise their product similar to true safes that are used for storing high end valuables like money,Jewelry etc.

Second-The size of normal home or office safe is usually smaller than the safe made for long guns.

Third-There is considerable difference in price of a true safe and a gun safe.So the ones that can be compared to a True safes comes with price. That’s why we say that in gun safe you get what you pay for.Best explained in this talk on Weapons Education.

Priority of selection-While selecting a gun safe for long guns that you can use to keep your collection for the long run,our priority of selection is as below.These priority is based on the statistical occurrence of the phenomenon that it protects its content from ,ie there are more burglary then fires.But since gun safes offer minimum fire protection(See section on Fire protection), dimensions will come next and last will be fire protection of a safe there fore the order will be.

Burglar protection > Dimensions > Fire protection

Best long gun safe-Safes that are close to true safe models

Below we have listed the only companies whose selected models are most close in construction to a true safes in terms of burglary and fire protection.Some items do not have gun safe like dimensions but that can be traded off if you get the features of a true safe.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Name American Security BF6032 Amsec
(Height x width x depth)
60 x 32 x21 72 x 35 x 29.5
Weight 1118 lbs 3455 lbs.
Max guns 22 35
Door type Solid steel Composite
Door steel thickness 1/2 “ Steel thickness NA -but meets UL 687 Class TL-30 requirements
(thickness with concrete 6″ l )
Body thickness 11 gauge outside only Steel-NA but meets UL 687 Class TL-30 requirements
Total thickness-3-1/2″ (two sided steel with high densidty concrete inside)
Fire rating 2 hrs @1275°F
Comparable to UL listed fire rating
2 hrs @1275°F
Comparable to UL listed fire rating
Burglar Security rating RSC U.L. certified TL30x6
Price $2,888.00 $10,095.00
Remark Amsec BF series safe uses true fireliner unlike other gun safe company which uses Gypsum aka fiberboard aka sheetrock.

A smaller better option which is a true safe therefore more suitable for high end valuables has a B grade construction rating is BF3416. But its height is only 34 inch.

This safe is tested for forced entry on all four side rather then just the door side as in most rating specifications.
Pry tabs Yes (Strong Steel plates) Yes
Relockers/Anti puch lock Yes
2 relocker.
One inside lock (internal)for Physical tool attack.One glass (external)for drill attack
One internal and one dual(Act on lock and linkage system) external relockers.
Four way dead bolts. No 3 sides,(Hinge side fixed) No 3 sides,(Hinge side fixed)
External hinges. Yes Yes
Anti punch bolts mechanism Uses relocker for tamper detection Drill resistant reinforcement plus dual relocker.
Shearpin,clutches NA NA
Slip clutch handle that but do not break from origional bolt moving mechanism.
UL 760 lock Yes Yes
Insulation type Concrete amalgamate 2″ ,1″ on door with inner fireliner of steel of 14 gauge. high strength concrete plus high-density high-strength ceramic.
Anti drill plate Near lock NA Yes (patented hard plate)
Door seal Yes Yes
Continous weld Yes Yes


Name Rhino Supreme AIW and A Series Heritage Ultimate Serious
Size Varies Varies
Weight Varies 1800
Max Guns Varies 48
Door type Solid steel solid steel
Door steel thickness 1/4″ solid steel
1.5″(total) -CD
Body thickness
(Inc order)
10 Gauge 1/8″ outer body,1/16″ inner liner(Total 7 Gauge)
Fire rating 90 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
120 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
Burglar Security rating RSC
Recessed door for pry protection.
Anti-Tamper Clutch & Handle.
Anti-Tamper Linkage.
Dual relocker For more info see this
C class construction
Price A $2589 to $3500
AIW $3500 to $5300
Remark Rhino company offers series A,AIW,CD,CIWD and big horn.While A,AIW CD and CIWD are american made Bighorn is not.
AIWD and
CIWD has more of a decorative value as it has an antique gun safe look.
Heritage safes fetaure a special bolt that clasp to safe on prying.2 layers of steel in body and
automatic four sleeve overcam relocker sytem.
Pry tabs Yes Yes
Relockers,Antipunch locks Yes Dual relocker which acts on both,the deadbolt on lock and the linkage. Yes-Default(in lock) plus Glass relocker Protected by four layers of steel (door plate included) called the quad sleeve relocker design.
Four way dead bolt Yes Yes
External hinges Yes Yes
Anti punch bolts mechanism Relockers.
Steel reinforcement door frame and
Rigid, welded linkage
Special bolts with notch at end that clasp to door jamb in pry attack and 4 sleeve overcam design.
Shear pins clutches NA Shear pin
Ul 760 lock Yes Yes
Insulation type Fiberboard Gypsum (fiberboard).
Anti drill plate near lock Yes-plus anti Tungestan carbide Drill Resistant plate. Yes
Door seal Yes Yes
Continous weld Yes Yes


Name Liberty Presidential Series Browning Home safe Deluxe 17 Fort knox-Top
Legend series.
All other series also comparable.
(Height x width x depth)
Varies 42x31x22 Varies
Weight Varies Varies Varies
Max guns Varies Varies Varies
Door type Composite plus inner solid steel Solid steel Special four Fold composite door
Door steel thickness 1/4″ 1/2″ Plate
1 5/16″ (total)
3/8″ or 1/4″ solid steel
plus 10 gauge inner folded steel metal.
Body thickness 7 gauge 1/4″ (3 Gauge) 10 Gauge
With stainless steel in legend series.Optional in other series.
Fire rating 40 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
90 to 120 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
90 minutes @1680°F
[email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
Burglar Security rating RSC RSC Equivalent to RSC though not Mentioned.
Price $4,279 $2,999.00- Delux 17
Others $1000 to $9000
$2100 to $6100
Remark All other Liberty safe offer similar security for all its products but varying size and fire ratings.Based on that other safe that can be best value for the price is RV 23 and RV 30 Priced $1,289 and $1,419 resp. It is advisable if you go after browning safes that almost all models have similar door and body construction but varying size,Fire rating and capacity so you can opt for the best in lowest price range that meet your specs.

Only exceptions are
1.)Pinnacle pro series ($7,099.00 to $ 9500)

2.)Platinum plus series ($6,549.00 to$8,699.00)
Differentiating specs for each is only 3/16″ (7 Gauge)
body which is not as impressive considering the cost.

For almost all Door is 1 5/16″ Duo-Formed(Re enforced steel layes) or lighter and body 11 Gauge or lighter.

Fort knox uses a Special four fold door. First there is a thick steel (3/8 to 1/4 “)base over which is a thick fire board and all that covered bu a 10 gauge steel.

These safes allows you to further invest in them make it custom made from local dealers and add steel into its interiors (along body) and make it resistant to tool cuting or torch cut(using stain less
steel inner plates).

It also has special Gear bolt drive system.
It also comes with the option to add a redundant lock for those who have concern with electronic or mechanical lock(see locking mechanism)

Pry tabs Yes Yes Yes
Relockers/Anti puch lock Yes
Two one internal and one external.
One internal
No External-But Specially made steel plate (Omnni barrier system),a part of locking frame over the back of lock.
Two for drill and punch attack(Foil mechnical backup) and One for cut and Torch attack (Cabled remote relocker)(Not available on Maverick series)
Four way dead bolts. Yes Yes Yes
External hinges. No Yes Yes
Anti punch bolts mechanism Relockers Steel reinforcement plus anti bolt punch locking system(uniforce) that don’t transfer hammering force to lock. Relockers.
Drill resistant Bolt gaurd plate inside near bolt areas.
Shearpin,clutches NA
Slip clutch handle that but do not break from origional bolt moving mechanism.
UL 760 lock Yes Yes Yes
Insulation type Gypsum(Fireboard Gypsum (fibreboard). Fiberboard
Anti drill plate Near lock NA two 1/4″ hardened steel plates and features four 1/4″ Yes Hardened steel pinsYes only in pro series home safes.In all other a Omnibarrier Frame of steel over the lock ,a par of lock protecting system Yes
Door seal Yes Yes Yes
Continous weld Yes (robotic) Yes Yes


Name Superior safes
(Supreme and untouchable series)
Sturdy safe
Size Varies Varies
Weight Varies Varies
Max Guns Varies Varies
Door type Solid steel Solid steel
Door steel thickness Untouchable-5/8 ” max Supreme- 1/2″ 5/16″ Door to 3/8
Body thickness
(Inc order)
3/16″ to 4g (0.22″)
with stainless steel or extra steel reinforcement.
Fire rating 110 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
Not specified.
Burglar Security rating Untouchable-RSC plus Class B construction requirements.
Supreme-NA but easily exceeds RSC requirement.
No tested but exceeds all minimum standards for ratings.
Price Untouchable-$4000 to $6400
Supreme-$3300 to $5400
$787 to $1580
All size offer equivalent
Remark The two series of superior gun safe may not be readily available at all online retailers but easily exceeds the security requirement needed at reasonable price and Fire rating Sturdy safe like to keep cost low so it do not actually got the safe tested by the testing agencies but from their demostration videos there safe easily exceeds the burglary attacks of all kinds.
Only downside is a they dont have any fire ratings which is optional ie by default not included in the safe but they claim
to have tested the fire resistance in real house burn down simulation taking into account the point of no return and cool down time which if added contributes to damage inside the safe.Other independent Oven test done by other companies do not take into account.So sturdy safe claims that such ratings are useless and offers no real comparison.
Pry tabs Yes No But a solid support work for bolts that seems much better.
Relockers,Antipunch locks Yes Glass relockers with remote relocks(A type of relocker which is located a random place away from lock Yes-
2 Independent Re-Locks
Smart patent pressure activated.
The other On the lock as normal.
Four way dead bolt Yes Yes
External hinges Yes Yes
Anti punch bolts mechanism Double steel door casement on body. Yes(extremely Resistant).
Shear pins clutches NA No
Ul 760 lock Yes Yes
Insulation type Fiberboard Ceramic wool and fiberglass
Wool -2.5″
1″ on walls and door.
2″ on bootom and top
Anti drill plate near lock Yes Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate Yes
Door seal Yes Yes
Continuous weld Yes Yes


Selection guide

Most of the larger safe in the market are directed towards the buyers who don’t want to spend much,Its alright except that you must not expect much from these kind of safes.For large safe that are available from $500 to $1500,most of them are not made in USA and are just big boxes for preventing unauthorized access and sometimes other features like easy access or for its decorative value. So before buying look at following features to at least know what you are paying for. We recommend you watch this video by weaponseducation.

Burglar protection

Undeniably the most important part when choosing a gun safe is the security that it provides.Security is measured in terms of tool attack for long guns or snatch and run situation for handguns(we will discuss them later in the article below).

But for the bigger safes it is important because you are condensing a large amount of your owning or value in a small space and that space has to be protected properly.

Before going into all the factors that contribute to the security of a safe you must know that the relative industry standards for measure of security of gun safes. There are mainly two standards

Performance ratings by Underwriters laboratory Test for Residential containers- minimum rating of UL 1037 is desirable

Construction Rating made by Insurance Services Office. At least class C container.

And/or California Department of Justice (DOJ) has a set of Regulatory Gun Safe Standards

While we will not go much in its details But we will explain the bare minimum things to look in a safe to tell if it will pass above standards even if it is not tested,though most are.

1.) Safe DOOR and BODY steel thickness

There are two areas of steel of varying thickness on a safe.

Steel on Door- is important because it will be the first way the burglar will get into a safe using a pry bar or two.Steel on is generally three times than on the body of a safe.Also don’t get carried away by the thickness of the door.Door are mainly made of two types-composite and solid steel.The composite door have much less steel than a solid steel and are much easier to pry open because it have much less steel and can bend easily.A composite door has thin steel folded over and filled with insulation inside to make it appear thick but actually is weaker than a thin looking solid steel built doors.

Steel on Body. Generally the body is much thinner than the door.Plus since most gun safes unlike true safes do not come with concrete fire liner and instead gypsum(fiberboard) they also don’t offer steel fire liner on the inside.Instead the inner side that hold the fiberboard is fiberglass or other non steel fire lining.The fiber board itself is no comparison to concrete amalgam mixture of true safes in terms of strength.Therefore gun safes are much easy to cut open.But it is relatively less in occurrence and there is a common assumption that while there is a vulnerability it takes much more effort to Axe or cut a safe.Plus it will take more time and make more noise.But yet its important.

If you don’t want to allow that-

1.)Look for safe that has thicker steel in its body too.

2.)Alternatively you can also add additional steel and have it custom made from your gun safe dealers.Fortknox and Sturdy safes allows you the option of adding inner layer of steel inside the already built safe.There may be other safe company too.Ask a dealer for that option before buying a safe.

3.)To prevent it against Torch cutting add an addition layer of stainless steel inside.Stainless steel Dissipate the heat in it body and prevent from temperature of a spot to reach melting temperature relatively.

A word on Steel gauges

Now when researching safes it’s critical to understand that the when reading the gauge of steel the numbers go in reverse order. For example 10 gauge steel is heavier and stronger than 12 gauge steel. 10 gauge steel is the thinnest steel we suggest using. 10 gauge steel is relatively tough for the body, and without some serious tools, it is difficult to get get inside. 12 gauge steel is much cheaper. And for the budget conscious, and I can see where this would be a major factor. 12 gauge steel will keep most people out, but a determined thief with a hooligan tool or a strong axe could still break into your safe.

Weight-One commonly overlooked factor by new safe owners is portability. A safe that is easy to install is easy to steal! A steel safe weighing over 1000 pounds is pretty tough to move. Some safes have holes at the bottom, which allow owners to anchor the safe down into your floor.

Secure against Drilling-Some safes offer drill resistant plate near lock and hard steel(drill resistant steel alloys) reinforcement inside door frame near dead bolts.Though not available on all safes it is still a up when you count on security.

Anti punch bolts-Another way to attack a safe is by first drilling a hole near a dead bolt and then hammering it via an inserted steel rod.Doing so may break the deadbolt on lock and cause the door deadbolts to move inside thus opening the safe without cutting or breaking it.For this reason a good safe will either be hard to drill or have an additional relocker or other anti punch bolts mechanism that take all the attack and do not transfer it to the lock.Rhino safe and Browning claim to to do.


Linkage inside the door bolt work are generally made of Shear pins , clutches or weak linkage.All of which can be broken with little force applied to the shaft handle or pry bar attack or bolt punch attack.

A shear force on bolt in a pry bar attack a punch attack or using the door handle shaft with little force can damage the linkage between bolt and internal hinges.It can be prevented from breaking using a longer support system as in sturdy safes or pry bars as in most other safes.

But not many safes company offer much protection in terms of breaking of linkage system on handle.A broken Shear pins and linkage may render a safe permanently locked which might keep burglar out but it also make the safe useless for you.You will have to call a locksmith in that case.Sturdy safe company excel in this design to offer both strong welded linkage and strong deadbolt support system.We could not find much info for other companies listed here so ask your dealer about it before buying.Some company has a feature called slip clutch in which the door clutch get disconnected when a threshold force is applied and can get reconnected again for moving the bolts later.

Anti punch Lock /Relockers

They are anti theft device which prevent the breaking of locking mechanism on bolt work.The lock itself can be broken and punch through a pin to detach itself from the door body thus freeing the bolt work.Thus relockers are absolutely necessary in a safe the moment after you make sure that the door is tool bar pry resistant.Most safe that uses UL listed type 2 lock have built in relockers for locking its deadbolt.Other companies add an other external glass or remote relockers in its safes.

Locking Mechanism

Long gun safe mainly has combination locks.

Combination locks uses either pin pad or mechanical combination to form security codes.Dial locks have been in use for over a hundred and fifty years.They are proven technology that is difficult to, if not impossible to crack. Pin pad combinations are electronic and susceptible to the batteries dying, but are much quicker and easier to open under duress than a spin wheel. Spin wheels are incredibly reliable, and never prone to failure, but are harder to open, especially in the dark or under stress.It also takes more time to open in general.An electronic locks opens in about 10 sec while a mechanical opens in about 40 sec.

Combination lock ratings

Most long gun safe uses electronics locks(90%) or mechanical lock(10%).A good safe company uses at least UL 768 lock.Though it might seem unimportant but there is a huge difference between UL rated locks and the cheap alternative in terms of reliability and pry resistance.A UL listed type 2 rated locks always have a default internal relocker.

Biometric Locks are not common on the long gun safe mainly because if they use a even a medium quality biometric lock on a these safes it will further increase their cost.Plus these locks are still in beta and technologically improving and there aren’t any popular standards yet.

Protection From Fires

Gun safes are not exactly like true fire safes.There are three main difference

1.)A true fire safes will have a fire rating on it.Usually the most popular is UL 72 rating.While most gun safes will not.

2.)A gun safe do not use the same material as used by true safes.They generally use Gypsum firewall(fibreboard) which is very cheap.True safe uses concrete amalgam.

3.)Fiber board or gypsum loses its structural integrity after it looses it water content on heating and since Gun safe do not have inner steel plate that can hold the crumbled Gypsum a threshold long exposure to fire or any impact defeat their use as fire safe because there is no resistance between outside heat and safe interior.

Which means that its fire rating are pretty much useless.It can only give you a relative idea of how much a given gun safe is more tolerant to fire than other. Fire rating works two ways.Degrees and amount of time the safe can withstand that temperature. For example a safe that resist 1300 degrees for an hour means your items are guaranteed protection for an hour against 1300 degrees. Fire ratings also go hand and hand with the price of your safe.If you buy a safe with a fire rating that is below what you trust, consider buying a smaller box to fit in the safe with any irreplaceable items inside of it. In case of a fire you may be able to grab this box as you evacuate.

Door Seal-

While this is a must for for all safe rated as fire proof some safes companies are silent about it.Do enquire about it before purchasing.This seal is something that expands in case of fire making the outside hot smoke to not come inside which otherwise will definitely burn anything inside.

Warranty Lastly, consider checking the warranty that the manufacturer is providing you, because you can never be so sure as to how long the item will last. A decent warranty length would have to be at least a year, as there may be some basic malfunctions that can alter its superior system. Some gun safe manufacturers do provide you with the option to buy longer warranty, so if you’re given a lifetime warranty option, don’t hesitate on getting it.

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Best gun safe under $1000-Is there any ?

Best gun safe under $ 500 to $600

Best gun safe under $300

Best long gun safe for the money-All budgets

In today’s economy everybody’s wallet is stretched. We do our best to save and budget for things we need and hope there’s enough left over for our hobbies and things we really enjoy doing.

So let’s say you’ve sat down and evaluated how big your future safe needs to be. Then you took a hard look at your budget, and decided on a certain price point for your future safe. You want to know what the best possible gun safe you can buy is for the money you’ve saved – what’s the best way to go about that?

Well, the first thing to consider is a used gun safe. No matter your price point, a quality used gun safe that’s in good condition is always going to be cheaper than a brand new safe. Folks have had good luck finding used safes locally on Craigslist and on eBay. Craigslist is going to be the cheapest option because you won’t have to pay to ship it across the country – however, it is more of a hassle because you have to arrange for a moving crew (be it your own family and friends or a professional crew) to get it to your house.

All the gun safes listed below are available to buy online, and they are shipped to your door, so all costs listed include shipping.

Here we are talking about safes that are only useful to frustrate a undesired person or thief for few minutes keeping your rifles locked from children etc.

Under $2000

Best safe in this price range is from champion or superior safes,both by same company.Below are its top models.

Other brands you can get in this price range are

Body steel 11 gauge 12 gauge 12 gauge 12 gauge
Door Composite 3/16″ 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge Composite 10 gauge 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge Composite 12-Gauge Outer 14-Gauge Inner 7/16″ Reinforced Composite 11-Gauge Outer 14-Gauge Inner 1/2″ Reinforced Door Edge
Fire rating 1500°F 75-M 1350°F 60-M 1350°F 60-M 1400° 60-M
Burglar rating UL-RSC UL-RSC UL-RSC UL-RSC
Price $1,899.00 – $4,349.00 $1,399.00 – $2,849.00 $1,199.00 – $1,249.00 $1,399.00 – $2,849.00

Snap Safe Titan Modular Fireproof Gun Safe Digital Lock:

Snap safe has a unique line of gun safes called the Titan series gun safes and they are modular design safes.It can be assembled or dissembled at your will. Important impressive features of this safe are.

Modular design makes it easy to transport.

9 gauge steel on body and 7 gauge (3/16″) on Solid steel door,which is far better than the other Companies with economic type models.

2300°F 1 hr fire protection (Independent rating) and fire seal.

UL listed mechanical or Digital lock option.

Life time warranty.

Varying Size 59″ Height ,22 to 46 ” wide and and 17 ” to 30 ” depth.

They come in from $1150 to $2500.Smallest has 12 long gun capacity.

Why this safe is a good value:

The most obvious reason this safe is a good value is because it’s modular. While this isn’t reflected in the initial upfront cost to buy the safe, it’s actually a long term savings. Moving a large, heavy gun safe is no small matter, and moving companies can charge a hefty sum to move your safe from one place to another. The ability to tear this safe down yourself and move it piece by piece can save you quite a bit of money if you ever decide to move. It’s also ideal for anyone in an apartment setting not only because it is more readily transported than a traditional gun safe when it’s time to move but also because it can be installed in a closet with a bit of space.Second, it features thicker steel walls than most other gun safes on the market. It’s rated as a residential security container by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Also, the fire rating for the Snap Safe Super Titan is far above that of other safes at this price point.


This safe is a steal and usually runs at $1,500 to $1,700 with shipping. Keep in mind that if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, you may also need to include the cost of hiring a handyman to put it together for you.

Click here for more information, price, ratings for available models of titan modular on amazon

Winchester Silverado series  Electronic:

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-10 gauge


Winchester was the first company to get a RSC rating for its safe’s brand .

While these safes are not not as strong as the above there are few key specs that you can take into account.

Four way bolt work,External Three spoke handle.UL Listed type 2 lock and also an auxiliary reloker .Drill resistant hard plate with titanium small nose just below the lock.Door jamb has reinforce steel and door has anti pry tabs and heat expandable Palusol seal with 2 [email protected]°F rating( For only relative comparison See Protection from fires.).It also a Life time warranty on defects in material and damage from burglary and fire and two years warranty on Lock.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings on amazon

or buy from gun

Steel water Heavy duty(HD) series

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Solid steel 1/4 “

Steel thickness-9 gauge

These series safe are good because for their price.You will get far better steel quality and thickness and construction features.The 39 gun capacity which we believe is optimum size for most gun owners can be bought for around $1900 dollars and offer much more security than other companies in this range.Key Specs of this safes are 1/4″ solid steel Door construction and 9 gauge body.Though it boast a [email protected] 1875°F fire rating it is still relative.There are 4 1/2″ diameter anchor holes at bottom.Four holes are better features than two hole construction if you want to bolt it more securely on floor.Other features include UL listed lock and Expandable door seal.The LD and economy series safe have 12 gauge steel and composite type door so we do not recommend them.Warranty on them is One year on manufacturing defects and 90 days on electronic components,while life time on burglary and fire.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings

Liberty USA

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

Liberty is a company that advertise its safe quite more heavily than it is made. Although the safe quality are not not bad they cannot be compared to a true safe except the presidential series safes.While there are many models of safe that they manufacture,they mainly differ in in the fire ratings and size and not much is the burglary rating or secondary features like fire sealing and lock and relocking mechanism.Based on that,we think the Liberty USA  fits the best option for the price starting from about $1000.

It has patent pending  six 4″ wide locking bars which liberty claims to be 6 times stronger than normal cylindrical bars.In fact all liberty safe now have these wide locking bars.

It is a UL listed safe with Body steel thickness 11 Gauge and a composite door weight around 550 lbs,Fire rating of 40min @1200°F,Door seal and the only entry level safe with 2 relockers (internal and external).(Most only have internal)

Other model of liberty are as below.Note the difference in price with Fortknox’s starting model maverick.

Body 11 gauge 11 gauge 11 gauge
Door Composite 11 gauge Composite 11 gauge Door edge thickness 3/8″.Special four fold door. First there is a thick steel (1/4 “)base over which is a thick fire board and all that covered by a 10 gauge steel.
Burglar rating UL-RSC UL-RSC UL-RSC
Fire rating 1220 °F 60-M 1200 °F 75-M 1200 °F 75-M
Price $1,649 -$2,349 $1799-$2799 Starting at $1449

Mesa safe

The Mesa Safe Company  MBF6032E series is our choice for a safe under $2000.

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge body and 7 gauge door.

Why this safe is a good value:

The following features set the MBF6032Eapart from other options at this price:

  • Steel thickness-The safe has impressive thickness of steel specially in the body(7 gauge) and also on the body which is 12 gauge
  • It is made in america.
  • It has a life time warranty .
  • Weight – It weight in at over 600 pounds, which means that it would not be easy to tip over and pry open if it is bolted down properly.
  • Removable door-It has removable door to lift it or higher stories of your building.
  • Hard anti drill plate and re lockers.
  • Fire Rating – It has a fire rating of 1 hour up to 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can typically find this safe for $1,500.

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Best gun safe under $1000-Is there any ?

Is there any good gun safe under $1000 ?

Before going into discussing some of the safe under 1000 we like to inform you that the word best is relative and is should be used in different context when looking for gun safes in various price ranges.So we recommend yo read selection guide for large gun safe here to know what makes a good gun safe.

When discussing 1000 under gun safe we are talking  of preventing unauthorized access and children.Many of these may not even be RSC certified but may be CDOJ passed.Even so you cannot say you are secured against any strong attempt of forced entry.

We couldn’t understand there purpose to be exact because the main purpose of a gun safe is to be secured against theft or burglars.These safe will fail if those burglars have sufficient time and tools like a pry bar,hammer,power cutter etc to do that.

So you have a container that allows you to keep your guns and tell other people that unauthorized person are not allowed to touch them.

Only a person who respect or fear that boundary would not do that.

But the problem narrows down to budget.What if you have a budget of only $1000.Here one can assume that you must be having decent collection of guns if want a large size gun safe.

For that purpose you can just place it in a gun cabinet or gun case on condition that you don’t fear anything happening to them.They will cost you much less.Again if you want no one to touch them you may have to keep a sign that says Don’t touch my guns.

These safes will at most save you that effort,if we review them most critically.But still these safes are being sold and people are satisfied with there purchase even when they know that these safes are not safe against forced entry.

So if you are one of those person we have few of the safes shortlisted and reviewed below.We tried to point out everything that may seller have tried to highlight and is of any value to you.

We just want to alert you as much as we can that these safe are not secured as advertised.They will most probably be made in China with relatively thin steel and composite door.

We have chosen most safe that are made of 12 gauge of steel.

The fire rating is also not of much use as they use gypsum/dry wall for insulation which we have already discussed are pretty much useless for major fire incidents as mentioned in fire protection in the selection guide here.

Other that that its your choice.

Liberty Safe Liberty Safe USA 30 Gun

RSC rated-Yes

Door type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

Dimensions-28×15.5×57.5 inches (interior width x depth x hieght)

Purpose-To store decent number(30) of guns away from unauthorized people and to keep average thief outside.

The first thing that we liked about the safe is that it is at least UL- RSC rated so it can thwart rigorous attack with pry bar , drilling,punching etc for about 5 minutes.

The body and doo is  made of 2 mm(12 gauge  steel) and the door is of composite type.Also steel is claimed to be treated to prevent rust.

It is also claimed to be made in USA and has US based customer service.It also comes with life time warranty and liberty claims to replace the safe in case of attempted burglary or fire.

The fire rating is  40 minutes @ 1220 degree F.The fire protection is claimed to be using 3 layers of gypsum in ceiling and door.

The side is single welded at one corner and at the back is welded on with a single bead.

The locking bolt in this safe is of military style plates that give more surface area against prying and so can be a deterrent when prying door with a pry bar.

Has a shiny outer texture and the door has a three Chrome three spoke handle and additional door panel storage pockets and pistol holders.

Has a hard plate behind the mechanical lock to protect against drilling and also has a an external re lockers for added security against lock picking.

It can be bought at major online outlet for about $999 to $1099.

Click here for more details,price,reviews and ratings.

or buy from

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun safe

RSC rated -No, CDOJ rated

Steel thickness-12 gauge (2mm)

Door type-composite 

Dimensions-interior ( W x D x H) : 27.75 x 19.5 x 53 

Purpose-preventing children and unauthorized people accessing your guns.

Steel water is a new entrant in gun safe industry.

In higher ranges it has introduced some better gun safe than its competitors in terms of steel thickness and overall strength you can find it in this list of best long gun safe for the  money.

This model though is not like that it has steel thickness of 12 gauge and CDOJ passed for residential security containers.It can store on an average 12 to 16 guns and at most 20 long guns.

It claims fire rating of 60 min at 1875 degree F and and EMP(Electro magnetic pulse) attack proof electronic lock and also has a bypass key to prevent being locked out of safe.

Security-in terms of security it can thwart a drilling and punching attack on the lock as it has a hard plate behind  the electronic lock and also a internal re-locking mechanism

Warranty-it has life time fire and burglar warranty and 1 year warranty for manufacturing defect.

Click here more more details,price reviews and ratings.

Mesa safe MBF5922E

RSC rated-NO,CDOJ rated

Steel thickness-12 gauge body

Door type-Composite 12 gauge with additional 1/4″ steel plate.

Dimensions-55⅜”H x 18¼”W x 13″D (Interior)

Capacity-24 Guns

Purpose-Prevent Minor break in effort and unauthorized access.

Heavy for its size(528 pounds).You can anchor it to ground with four anchor points.

So at least difficult to move by burglars or tip it over on the ground and use pry bar etc.

Also its door has additional protection of quarter inch plate inside the 12 gauge composite door design.

For that reason it has a detachable door to carry it to floor above the ground level.

The safe is made in USA and has a Life time warranty.

A hard plate and internal re locker is also included for drill or punch attack on lock.

Powder coating-The safe in painted with powder coating which is known to be scratch resistant,chip resistant,water resistant and corrosion resistant.

You can have two codes in electronic lock for secondary access.

You can get this safe online for $900 to $1200.

Click here for more latest price,reviews and ratings.

Stack-On A-40-MB-E-S

RSC rated-NO,CDOJ rated.

Steel thickness-Not available

Door type-Composite

Dimensions-(W x D x H) : 27.75 x 19.5 x 53

Capacity-40 Guns

Purpose-If you have large number of guns and want to prevent easy hands on access and don’t have enough budget to buy heavy duty gun safe.

Frankly speaking we don’t recommend stack on safe.Simply because they are not safe.They are just lock boxes similar to gun cabinet.Burglar can easily get into this safe.

Main reason for having this gun safe in our list is the capacity.It has a large capacity of about 40 guns.So you can keep all your collection at one place away from children and unauthorized persons.

In comparison of gun cabinets it is heavier and also has some fire rating of 30 min for upto 1400 degree F.

One customer has rightly said is that it is high end of low end safe.So don’t expect much in terms of safety.

The door comes with sewn in  pockets and pistol holders.

Some customer complained about the keypad digits not working though iyt has a backup mechanical key.

But aesthetic wise and for small fire hazard protection this safe can be of some use.

You can buy this safe on amazon for about $800 to $1000

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Blue dot second amendment gun safe

One good safe for your gun is the Second Amendment safe by Blue Dot Safes.

RSC rated-No

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

Dimensions- 55.18H×32.25W×20D (Interior)

Purpose-To thwart off children and frustrate an average burglar for few minutes using small tools.

This safe is of acceptable quality for the price.It is rated fire resistant to 1700 degrees .A 5/16″ thick  drill-resistant Plate behind lock for drill attacks and one year free warranty.This safe also has a large amount of space and is large enough to hold 30 rifles, 8 holsters, and 5 ammo pouches. The interior is 55.18×32.25×20 inches and there are four shelves inside for storing firearms and ammunition. Also, the lock system uses 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts and a two way locking system..It weighs around 650 pounds.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Good Customer Service


  • Does not come with a backup key
  • Electronic lock-but they offer installation of a mechanical lock if it’s requested when the safe is purchased

Click here for more detail ,price,reviews and ratings

American security

RSC rated-NO

Door Type-Solid steel 3/16″

Body thickness-14 gauge

Purpose-Store few rifles away from children and hinder average breaking in effort with small tools.

Another safe that also offers free shipping is the Amsec TF5517 Gun Safe 30 Miutes Fire. This safe has a 3/16″ solid steel plate door 3 wheel combination lock, 14 gauge body, and a sizable interior capacity of 16x17x55.2 inches and a life time warranty against theft and fire.A four way bolt mechanism and CDOJ burglar rating.. This safe has a fire rating for  upto 1200 degrees for  30 minutes from mercury and claim to maintain an internal temperature around 350°F. It weighs 286 pounds, which is relatively lightweight for a large safe such as this. Many reviewers seemed to think well of this safe, that it was of high quality, etc. However, there were a few negative reviews, some of whom said that it arrived damaged and also that it is not American made.

There is a removable shelf and a 2 tray organizer and lights inside the safe. It’s interior is carpeted and it uses an electronic or combination locks with a drill resistant plate behind the lock.Reviewers say that the set are good safes of decent quality. However, some complain that the design is not as it is shown and one reviewer complained of a chemical smell inside. Also, they are not fire rated, so if there is a fire the contents will not be protected.

If you are interested in this safe, you can find it for 800 dollars with free shipping.

For more information price rating and reviews click here.

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Best gun safe under $ 500 to $600

Okay so you are looking for a gun safe under 500.Here we are assuming you have few long guns and maybe some handguns.Where can you keep them that will ensure they are not readily accessible ?

Good news is that there are gun safes available in all price range.But the bad news is as the price go down the safe do not offer same protection as the higher priced one.

You see the most expensive component of making a safe is the steel itself.It is also the same thing that make a safe secure or unsecure.

So if we are going down in terms of price,you can not expect steel to be thick as you need and a safe that is secure against burglars.So it is natural to expect that the seller will be silent about it.

Nevertheless buying a gun safe is a good step towards safeguarding your guns as it will prevent unauthorized access and also children locked away.Basically you will prevent any one getting hands on access to your guns.

Safe under 500 are either gun cabinets or something in between safe and a cabinet.They are not even heavy.So it is important that you anchor them on the floor or wall.They have some fire ratings but they are usually fluff ratings and you should not put much focus that.

top or beside each other as your inventory grows.It can be bought online for about $500 to $550.

Liberty Safe Cn12-bkt-e Centurion Safe With Electronic Lock

This is the lowest end model of liberty gun safe.

It is CDOJ approved and has a 30 minutes fire ratings.There are three layers of firewall inside ceiling and doors and Polusol seal to prevent smoke coming inside in case of fire.

It weighs around 229 pounds and dimensions of 19 x 18 x 60 inches.It can hold upto 12 long guns.

The same design is marketed by the name Provault by liberty at cabelas and other online retailers.

Liberty also mentioned the steel thickness which is 14 gauge in body and door.The door is of composite type.

Liberty claims that these safe are 6 times stronger against pry attack.Its because of 10 special  4″ wide locking bars instead of bolts that offer more surface to resist prying.

The safe in made in USA and has a life time warranty. A UL listed S and G mechanical lock.You can upgrade it to electronic lock later if you want.Extra hard plate to protect from drill and and and external re-locker for punch attack.

No other entry level safe offer all these features.It is available online for about $550 including shipping.

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Stack-On SS-16-MB-B 16-Gun Security Safe with Biometric Lock.

First thing we look was that it is made like safe and not cabinet,second thing was that it could hold up to 16 rifles and is available online for about $550 and third it has it comes with a bio metric lock.

The safe is CDOJ rated for firearm safety devices and have dimensions of 20.08 x 20.86 x 55 in.

It weighs 168 pounds which is good for its size but it does not have any fire rating.

Biometric lock allows you to not memorize any code and also ensure that it will keep wrong hands out.

It can hold up to 20 different fingerprint and people don’t find any issue with biometric lock.It is easy to program and good recognition rate.Comes with a backup key in case of battery dying.

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Barska AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe

This safe is of acceptable quality in this price range as it is CDOJ rated with dimensions (DxWxH): 11.5″ x 12.5″ x 52″ and hold upto 8 rilfles.

The interior is carpeted and come with two removable rack for rifles and two shelves for handguns and ammunition.

Barska have four other models with similar construction features but different size.

AX13100-13″ x 13″ x 52.25″

AX12760 –9.75″ x 8.63″ x 52.13″,

AX12752 –13″ x 13″ x 52.25″

AX11652-9.75″ x 8.63″ x 52.13″- Highest selling.(Hold upto four rifles)

We choose this one because it is the only model under $ 500 that can hold the largest amount of rifles If you don’t have that many guns you can go with other smaller models.All other models features bio metric locks.

If you want a bio metric lock with up to 8 guns you can go with Barska AX12760. It has biometric lock and is prices for about $650.

There are pre drilled holes at bottom and back wall so you can anchor it on floor as well as walls.The safe doesn’t weigh much (82 lbs) so it will be important that you secure it to a wall or floor.

The digital lock is easy to program and can store two unique pins or codes with backup access.

Click here more more details, price, reviews and ratings.

Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe: Model 40

Secure it , a company launched by military veteran and a relatively new entrant in market boast of making ultralight gun safe.They also claim to be leaing supplier of firearm safe to the military.

Though we could not understand the purpose of making a safe that s ultra light.We have gun cabinets for the very same purpose.

But taking the price consideration into mind this is a good choice as it is somewhere in between safe and a cabinet..The door locks like traditional safe only with live in bolt action.

Another thing that Secure it highlights is its Cradlegrid technology.It basically is a better way of organizing your rifles.You can keep the rifles with scope attached and guns hold their position and don’t bump into one another and allows fast access in terms of crisis probably like in military.

The back panel is louvered for better visual straight line access reaching individual firearm without disturbing others.

This safe comes with keypad lock which sits in the lower end of the door and comes with a backup key.

It weighs around 90 pounds and have dimension 40.00″ H x 20.00″ W x 15.00″ D ( Outside).You can store up to six rifles up to 50 inch high with scopes in this safe.

It can be bolted to wall and floor as it has mounting holes on every wall except the front one.One peculiar aspect of these safes is that they can be stacked on top or side as your inventory grows

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Sports Afield SA5524J Journey (30-Gun) Security Safe

Sports afield has been in the gun safe business since 1887 and has good line of models at reasonable prices.Though this is it  entry level gun safe it has a capacity of about max 30 guns with dimension of 55″ x 24″ x 20″.

It is primarily made for keeping hunting rifles and its capacity may increase or decrease if you keep handguns or scoped rifles.

It comes for about $ 500 though you can buy a 20 gun models(not so popular) for less than $500.

It is made of 14 gauge steel which is usually the norm in this price range.t is also CDOJ rated for firearm safety devices and 30 minutes fire rating for up to 1,200°F.It also has expandable palusol seal to prevent smoke coming in.

It weighs 226 lbs and has four holes to anchor them on ground and comes with the bolt down kit.

The door of this safe is recessed making it pry resistant as it makes inserting pry bar difficult.

The lock is electronic keypad with two backup keys.

Though it does not have much reviews on amazon it has god reviews on other retailers like home depot,Cabelas,Costco etc.

Sports afield has a life time cover for all its long safes against theft ,fire or natural flood and even free locksmith service in case of lockout.

Click here more more details, price, reviews and ratings.

Cabela’s Mechanical Lock 10-Gun Safe

Cabelas is a go to destination for all outdoor needs like hunting,fishing,camping,boating etc.It also make its own line of gun safes from other manufacturers like liberty.

We have included this safe in the list only because of its price.It is remarkably cheap at $379.

It features a UL listed S and G mechanical lock and can hold up to 10 guns.

The body and door is made of 14 gauge steel and door is composite type and the construction exceeds CDOJ specification.It also has a fire rating of 30 min at 1200 degree F and comes with life time warranty.

We cannot find any other safe that has all these feature at this price.All others at this price are gun storage cabinets which we will be discussing next below.

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Best gun safe under $300

Buying a gun safe in near or under dollar 300 range can keep gun locked but will not do much in case of a break in or fire because  these safes are not made like safe. They don’t have any burglar or fire rating.

They are actually gun cabinets.A lock box which can lock stuff like your school locker or like an Almirah.

These are gun safes that accommodate three to four long guns and are perfect for the gun owner with only a few rifles, shotguns or few handguns and no plans to buy any more in the near future.

These slim safes are a much cheaper alternative to buying a larger safe or useless handgun safes.

But you have to be alert with these cabinet too if you anticipate burglary or mischievous children.

I don’t want to give you the idea that these boxes are no good or useless.

They can do a pretty good job of keeping your guns out of wrong hands.But don’t rely on them for protection against burglary or fire.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

You probably have already heard or read about Barska biometric rifle safe on other places online.This model of Barska is AX11652 with dimensions 9.75″ x 8.63″ x 52.13″.Another model with same dimension is AX12760 but it also has a keypad lock in addition to Biometric and key lock with two backup keys.The lock can be accessed in silent mode also.

It is Chinese made but pass CDOJ rating for burglary.It does not have any fire rating nor does it say anything about steel thickness.

The fingerprint scanner is quick acting(2.5 sec) and can store up to 120 finger prints Though you may need not more than may be 10.

It has removable accessory shelf inside and pre-drilled holes at the back wall and ground to mount it on the floor or wall.This is good as it doesn’t weigh much (65 lbs).

The safe can hold up-to four rifles but some user complain that they can not keep more than two rifles with scope attached as the door wont close and also they cannot keep it with magazine attached at all.

The safe can be bought online for about $350.

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FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe

With dimensions 3.78″W x 11.8″D x 57.1″H FCH  electronic Keypad safe is ideal for people with low budget and few rifles(upto 5) .The top of the safe have additional locker for ammunition etc.

It is available for remarkable price of $ 170.It is designed like safe with bolt action door lock but essentially it is a cabinet with thin walls and doors.It is not intended for burglary or fire protection but will do a good job in keeping children away.

FCH has upgraded the lock to keep memory of old pin in case battery die and also has a backup key.

The safe is chinese made and weigh 75 lbs with pre drilled holes to anchor it on wall or ground.

It also comes with a 30 day warranty against defect in manufacturing or shipping.Overall it has good rating and is a decent safe for the money.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings.

Gearmart Fast Access Rifle Safe

With outer dimensions 14”(W) x 13.8”(D) x 57”(H)   the safe is slightly bigger than the FCH electronic safe.So it has a bolt mechanism for locking though the boor and body are flimsy to call it a safe.

A small box is also include on the top shelf for keeping ammunition,handguns etc.The electronic lock is fast acting with two backup keys.The key lock is hidden between the keypad safe.The code will not be erased when the battery die.

The safe weigh around 90 pounds but has holes at back and bottom to mount it on wall and ground.It has a capacity of up to 5 rifles without scope.It can be bought on amazon for about $250.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings.

Moutec Large Biometric  Rifle Safe

There are two safes by Moutec that can hold same number of guns but has option of biometric or electronic lock.We chose biometric lock because it do not add much to your budget.

It cost around $330 dollars.With exterior Dimensions: 13.8”(w) x 13.8”(d) x 57”(h) it can hold upto 5 rifles with scopes and 3 pistol on its door organizer or inside the lock-box on its top shelf.

.It weighs around 90 pounds and can be mounted on floor or closet through its pre drilled holes at back and bottom of the safe.It mentions the steel thickness of 14 gauge which is ok for a cabinet. but not for a safe.

It features fast acting (2.5 sec) biometric lock which can store upto 100 fingerprints and also comes with two backup keys.

Click here for more detail, price, ratings and reviews.

INTERGREAT 4 Digital Rifle Safes

Another slim design security cabinet by Intergreat.All the feature are similar to the safes mentioned above.The slim design allows you to keep it it cupborad or closet etc.

It can hold upto 4 rifles.Its exterio dimension are  (inch):9.85”(W) x 8.63”(D) x 52.13”(H).

An electronic lock allows keypad access to your guns and comes with backup keuys to enter in case of power(battery) outage.

No burglar or fire rating is given.The safe comes with pre drilled holes at back and bottom to install in on floor or wall.

Click here more more detail, price, ratings and reviews.

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet

Ok so this model by stack n is not a safe.It is purely made like a cabinet.It doesn’t have any bolt mechanism on door.Neither any electronic or mechanical lock.It has a simple cylindrical lock and keys.

Other than that the safe boast to be tactical which translate basically into extra depth to store tactical weapons with extra magazine size etc.It has adjustable barrel rest to do the same.It can store 2 tactical guns and upto 14 standard rifles or shotguns(Seven normal gun or each side)./7

The interior has four half width adjustable shelves and one full width removable shelf.

The cabinet has dimensions of 18(W) x 21(D) x 55(H) inches and weighs 97 pounds.Also the cabinet is CDOJ approved for firearms safety device.

Click here for more detail, p.rice, rating and reviews.

Homegear Large 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe

This safe is listed here only for its steel thickness.The safe is made like any of the safe above except that it has little bit more steel than others.The door is made of 4 mm(6 gauge) solid steel and the body is 2mm(12 gauge).It is much than what you could find in this range.

Other than that the safe has Outer Dimensions of 13.8” W X 11.8” D X 57.1” H  and like other light weight safe has holes to mount through back walls or its bottom in closet or other narrow space.

It can accommodate up to 5 rifles plus extra box or top for ammunition etc.It has electronic lock and bypass manual key to open the door.

However  as we mentioned in handgun safe selection guide the electronic lock can be opened with small bumps.One user mentioned that like other cheap electronic keypad locks this also has this design flaw and should be repaired by company. That’s why we safe the electronic locks are definitely no no for handgun safe especially with small children and a internet access.

So if you are opting to choose this or any other electronic lightweight safe be prepared to change the locking mechanism or fix the safe tightly on wall and ground so no one can bump open it.

Click here for more details, price, reviews and ratings.

LANGGER V Upgraded Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This by Langger V and has exterior Dimensions of (in) 57.2″x 15.7″x 11.8″and store upto 5 rifles.It has hols at back and bottom to bolt to the wall or ground.It also a lock box on top shelf for ammunition documents etc.

The door of this safe is made of 11 gauge steel and the body is 14 gauge steel.Given that it is a cabinet more than a safe the steel thickness is bargain.

The door features a biometric lock as well as 4 digit electronic lock which auto illuminates using built in proximity sensor. You can also open the safe using backup manual keys.

The safe weighs about 90 pounds and has pre-drilled holes at back and bottom to secure it inside slim spaces like closet or corner walls

Click here for more details, price, reviews and ratings.

Stack-On GCB-8RTA Steel 8-Gun Ready to Assemble Security Cabinet

Stackon that manufactures mostly low end safes has done a pretty good job making an affordable cabinet of size 17L X 11W X 53H inches.It cost just 110 dollars and has good customer reviews.

Two noteworthy things about this model is its capacity and price.It is cheap but can hold more guns 8 guns.There is mechanical key lock on the door and removable shelves and patented barrel rests inside.The barrel rest keep scoped rifle at one place.

More than that it is kind of a modular cabinet ready to be assembled. The fasteners are claimed to be tamper resistant from outside. The device is also CDOJ approved.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings.

HQ ISSUE Metal Gun Locker, 12 Gun Capacity

Above is another modular cabinet but by HQ issue.This is no pitch device made to lock your guns away from wrong hands,mainly children.

The cabinet is easy to assemble with screws and kit provided.It comes with dual piano hinged doors and a pad lockable handle.

The cabinet is easy to drill into so you can drill holes as you want to anchor it on wall or ground.

With external dimensions: 36″ w x 42″ h x14″ d it can easily store 12 rifles.The steel thickness is 22 gauge,too thin for any strong protection value but then again it is not marketed as safe either.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings.

Golval RE 3028 Security Safe with Electronic Lock

This safe by Golval is another slim built safe you can buy under $300.It is  (W x D x H) 12 in x 11 in x 55.1 in.  in dimension and Weighs: 88 lbs.

It is little bit wider so you can store up to 6 shotguns or rifles. and 3 to 5 handguns in the storage locker inside. It comes with holes at back wall and bottom to secure it in cupboard and narrow spaces.

The door has 5 bolts locking mechanism and electronic lock with low battery indicator.You can also open the safe with two back up keys provided.

Click here more detail, price, reviews and ratings.

Bonnlo Electronic Gun Safe Large Firearm Rifle Storage Cabinet

The safe above is sold by Bonnlo,mainly a home furniture supplier.It is a security cabinet designed to lock guns away from other member of the house.It has electronic lock with bypass keys.

The keypad lock will keep your code in case battery die.It can store 5 rifles and 3-4 handguns.The steel thickness is not mentioned but user says the door to be sturdy enough for the price.

It weighs 85 lbs and can be anchored through back or bottom wall.The company also gives warranty of 30 days for any defects.

Click here for more detail, price, reviews and ratings.

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Best under bed/trunk gun safe, Re-evaluating popular models

An under bed gun safe is a great idea for gun owners who have large guns, but limited space.

It utilizes the valuable space under ones bed to contain these low and long storage units for rifles, handguns, and  other gear that owners would like tucked away, and out of sight, but still quickly accessible.

Their aren’t many under bed safes on the market compared to the other gun safes available, so you may find sites recommending any safe they can find on amazon or other online retailers as if all of them perfectly do what they are meant for, which felt worth examining specially after looking at the market scenerio of handgun safe.

So we decided to reevaluate them to find if they really fit the requirements and give our opinion if you should purchase it or not.

American Security Defense Vault (DV652)

The DV652 Defense Vault , made by American Security was specifically designed to be used underneath your bed. It falls somewhere between the smaller gun cabinets and larger more secure gun safe.

The product page says it is made in USA or China, probably both.

This safe is made of 14 gauge steel and sports a 5-point slide locking bar. After you unlock the DV652, drop down the door to reveal the foam-padded, slide out gun tray.

The space provided is decent, with the exterior measuring 52″ x 14″ x 6″. However, inside it gets a little tight providing just over 43″ x 13″ x 3″, With the height being somewhat of an issue. If you don’t mind removing the add-ons or modifications to your gun them before storage in this unit, then this is will do.

However the main problem with this its new ELS 5 electronic keypad lock.There are many complaints online about the keypad failing to function after few months.

Our verdict-Do not buy this safe.It is suppose to be used for self defense.But if you cant even open it when you want, whats the point ?

Click here to read the reviews of this safe on Amazon.

V-Line 31242-SA long gun safe

This is multipurpose safe.It can mounted under your bed, on your wall or on the trunk of your vehicle.There are two additional tubular locks.They are not bypass lock but extra lock when you do not need it for quick access.

Although they look generic so susceptible to picking with tubular picks but its is not a big deal as the simplex locks overshadows it.Plus three locking bolt(Top,middle and bottom) does add to the security against forced entry, though it is not meant to be safe against theft but to be used for self defense.

The safe is made in USA and made of 16 gauge steel.It is not CDOJ approved but overall is quite a secure safe against prying by young children.

One cannot reach the release mechanism with a wire or other tools without damaging the lock.

To change the locking mechanism there is reset button or a L tab as VLine calls it which is not protected but one will need to know the old combination to change it.

You can use two or more button press at one time for your combination which provide more security.

It has interior dimensions of 40.5 x 11 x 3.You can store at least two long guns inside the safe and still have  room for one small gun or other gear like ammo box or magazine.

Overall we recommend it if you want it for self defense or keeping children out of reach.

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Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6 

This safe marketed as shotgun safe is large enough to store shotguns and rifles. For the price of around $ 400 it safe is one of the strongest with 10 gauge body and 3 1/16 ” door and a highly reliable simplex lock and exceeds CDOJ requirements.

It has dimensions of  5″ H x 45″ W x 9″ D and weighs 36 lbs and can easily be fitted under your bed. For changing the combination you need to know the old combination and it do not have any bypass lock so there is no room for it to be tampered by mischievous children.

Only downside is that it do not have holes to anchor it somewhere.A thief can easily pick it up and leave if he can find it.

But if you need it for defense and keeping unauthorized people out it is a perfect safe.It come for about $ 400 and available at various online store or itself.

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Monster vault under bed gun safe

This safe is made by MonsterVault which solely makes under bed gun safe.It is claimed to be made in USA and is one of the most selling under bed safe.

The safe has a dimension of 7″ H x 48″ W x 28″ D and weighs about 140 pounds.The steel sheet used is 16 gauge but it has double wall design making effective thickness of front 0.16″, the top and bottom 11 gauge and the sides 7 gauge.

The safe exceeds CDOJ requirements but is not fire or water proof.It has pre-drilled holes at bottom to install in on the floor but some users have also installed it on the ceiling.It can also be installed in the trunk of your vehicle.

You can store your rifles easily and shot guns diagonally in this safe with plenty of room for other gear.

It comes assembled with electronic lock which require 4 AA batteries and users don’t find any issues with the electronic lock.

The safe is drawer style front opening which is rated for up to 100 ponds weight.

It has a an unguarded reset button inside but the edges seems to pack tight enough to be able to resist entering any wire or other covet entry mechanism.

But the only concern for this safe is the  bypass lock.The site says it has barrel style key lock which another name for tubular lock.These tubular locks are quite susceptible to picking with a tubular pick available ti buy cheap online.

Other than that it is a well designed safe for self defense and keeping non-mischievous or small children out. This safe is available online for about $700 and comes with a 7 year warranty against defects.

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Secure it gun storage fast box model 47

Product description.

The interior dimensions are 6″ x 46.5″ x 12.5″ and it can fit one rifle with scope and magazine attached.Probably two if they are of average size without  the saddles.

It is made of 16 gauge steel and comes with 4 holes at bottom to mount it horizontal position.It can be kept vertical as well and in a large enough trunk of a vehicle.

It comes with 4 button electronic keypad safe which requires 9 V battery and a tubular bypass lock.Nothing is mentioned about the CDOJ rating.

The above safe which cost about $ 300 is made by secure it a relatively new gun safe company who claims to have military as major customer base.They focus and clam that how you store a firearm inside is just  as important as locking them up.

They have developed cradle grid technology which allows you to secure the fire arm tightly and not just loosely kept inside.For that they have louvered back panel on which you can slide saddles to keep firearm held in place.

All is fine if you don’t fear any major break in or theft and more on the getting your time fast in case of emergency.But we don’t think it is going to cause much difference considering it may have other design flaws.

First-is that people don’t find the electronic lock very reliable or complaint of it ceasing to work.

Second-is the bypass lock which is a tubular lock which we always say is easy to pick.

Third-and most important of all is the reset button which is unguarded and as you can see the louvered back panel can easily allows anyone to enter a wire or something to reach the reset button or door inside and have the code resetted.

But you will know later that the codes have been changed.So gauge if anyone in your house can be that curious.

Overall customer says that for the price it is decent safe if you live in well to do area.But teenagers may easily get into this safe even if you bolt it down and i would say to avoid it or only buy if you live alone.

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Chinese made low end under bed safes

The following models are made in china. It looks exactly like above safes as they are cheap imitations of above safe. They may do the job but do not go through any quality control, at least that’s what it appears from the not so happy reviewers.

SnapSafe  Under Bed Safe 75400

There not is much to say about this says as it has all the features that Monstervault above has got except that it comes in three styles  Large  Large (40″W x 22″D x 6″H) , medium (26″ W x 20″D x 5″H) and XXL (48″W x 24″D x 7″H).

There don’t seem to be any way to pry or reach the unguarded reset button when the safe is close.

It has overall good rating but there are complaint mainly associated with the cheap electronic lock. First it comes with generic tubular bypass lock easy to pick with tubular pick.But more importantly many complain the knob of the lock to be wobbly and cheap and can  be turned with a little force which opens the safe without even entering the code. What good a safe is if its lock do not work properly.

Our verdict -Avoid this safe for the obvious reason mentioned above.

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Two other imitation of above design are

 Offex under bed safe                                                 

 Buffalo tools under bed safe

There is no difference in the design of above safe at all. Both these companies are not into security business so these safe are made in china and probably by the same supplier.They are exactly like the snap safe under bed safe with with a differently designed keypad.

They have the same dimensions 28″L x 48″W x 7″H, weighs 130 lbs and have tray that can hold 100 lbs and same 14 gauge body.

But, as is the case with Snapsafe the digital lock on this safe is of same if not poor quality so the problems user faced is bound to be repeated with these safe as well.

Our verdict-Avoid these safes if you want something safe.

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

We cannot comment on where the safe is made but it definitely a copy of Amsec under bed gun safe, probably both companies manufactures is from same supplier.

It is even priced (about $ 457 ) and named same (DV652).

It has same steel thickness(14 gage) dimensions (6″H x 52″L x 14″D) and same keypad electronic lock (ELS5).

So it was obvious to find the same complaint found with Amsec safe which is that the electronic locks stops working after some time.

Our Verdict-Don’t buy this safe.

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Hornady 98190 Rapid under bed Safe

This safe as one amazon user calls it is a great idea but of mediocre quality.

The strength of the safe is not the highlight or the selling feature but the lock.This safe has three way to lock the door. A keypad programmable with four to six digit code, A bypass tubular lock and a RFID technology for quick access.

Probably what makes it compelling for use in bedroom for self defense is the RFID technology.It comes with RFID Wristband, Stickers and Key Fob.

But because this safe is made in China it do not have any quality control and many people receive defective piece of the lot with part missing,scattered pieces inside, electronics not working  and sometimes total failure of locks after a month.

The RFID system is also far from perfect.Many user complain that the RFID stops working after a while or not works all the time and do have some failures and some complain that it totally stopped working after an year .There are also complains of RFID not programming at all. Also many complain the knob to cheap and difficult to turn which makes it difficult to close.You can read the one or two star ratings on amazon and get the idea.

The keypad and the bypass lock works fine but the tubular lock is another undermining point.Tubular lock are easy to pick with tubular pick.

Other than that the safe do not have any outstanding feature.The steel used is 16 gauge with four four locking lugs on the door which makes it some what strong.It has pre-drilled holes to mount it on floor or trunk.It also comes with 1500 lb rated cable to secure it at places.

It has dimensions of 46.7 x 19 x 9.7 inches and can store both shotgun and AR.

But for a price of 300(Keep reducing) the safe can be given a try but don’t rely on the RFID technology.Think of it as as temporary additional bonus at best.

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NOTE-The following models of different companies are discontinued

Rhino Under Bed Gun Safe UB50, Gun casket under bed safe.

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Best safes for carrying small guns in your car

3 Reasons to carry a car gun safe

1.For interstate transportation.It’s prohibited in most states, to put your gun in the glove compartment or simply conceal it under a paper or towel on your seat.Most of the time they require the firearm to be kept unloaded in the trunk of a car or in a locked container which makes it not directly accessible.

2.Concealed carrying guns.Though you can conceal a weapon in a glove box or hostlers but it is better and secure to keep it locked in a quick and easy access gun safe.

3.Carrying a gun weather concealed or not is not allowed in various government and educational institution.

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Body make

Security of a small safe can be judged based on how easily the safe can be pry open.You know like kids who will try to open it without any trail marks or a casual thief who is trying to open it silently. However one cannot be assured of security against a theft or robbery with even slightly bigger tools when you are not present for considerable time at home or even away from your car.In that case no small safe can offer you ultimate security. A hard blow with a hammer or cutter can open a small safe anyway. In case you leave it in your car you should only consider a smash, grab and run situation only.


Small gun safes locks are not the same as in bigger safe.They are of far lower quality and so most of them can be picked.Pin tumbler locks as in gunvault nano can be picked with clips Bump keys etc,auto jiggles etc.Biometric like the gun vault MVB 1000 shown below have  tubular backup lock(as is mostly the case) can be picked with tubular pick.Other than this there is also possibility of opening the lock if one can reach to the locks internal hinge with a wire or rod etc through a hole on the safe body.

That’s why a good safe don’t have holes or if there is the locking mechanism is unreachable in closed condition.

PS Electronics locks on bolt type front opening door safe like barska etc are easy to open by just bumping the safe few times and information about it is all over the youtube.

In general only mechanical simplex locks are found best for safety and reliability.But in a car case these picking attack are not always a threat for a thief might not have that opportunity or time or there may be other constraint like price etc.In that case you may consider safe with other lock types as mentioned below.

Titan combination Safe


Titan Gun Safe is a hand gun safe that can be mounted in tight spaces so one can keep their guns close, ready, and safe. It utilizes a universal fit mounting system. This system comes with two mounting brackets that can be used for mounting in many different areas. Itcan be mounted in a car, on a desk, behind furniture, or even on a bed post. Because of the Universal fit mounting system, it can be mounted to the floor, on its side, to the dash of a car, to the side of a car dash, or even under one’s seat.  It comes with two mounting racks and a bed post clamp, so that the gun can be mounted on a bed post without causing damage.
It uses a holster spring mechanism which uses an all mechanical system and a special made holster which the gun will rest in. Upon entering the combination and raising the lid of the safe, the gun pops up. The gun can then be drawn from the holster with no worry of accidental discharge because the weapon is being drawn from a holster fingers can’t slip and pull the trigger of the weapon. It can be modified with a separate spot to place a clip of ammunition if one would like to keep it unloaded, or if the weapon is intend to be used in a state in which it is illegal to carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle. When lifting the main lid of the safe not only does the gun pop up but the clip of ammunition will spring up from a separate compartment attached to the safe. The safe and the added on ammunition compartment work together, both lids lifting at the same time.
On the built in holster there is a pin locking system that allows the user to adjust the spring for which ever way they intend to mount tit. The instructions list the proper spring alignments for the different ways one could mount it, but the user could always adjust the pin locking system to spring up the gun at a level or position that is comfortable with them.
For those who want to use weapons with special light or laser sight attachments, there is a holster with a wider tip allowing these weapons with attachments to fit. This special holster will allow ninety-nine percent of handguns with added on laser sights and flashlights to fit inside.
It is an all mechanical safe, meaning there is no battery needed. A code must be entered and then a knob is twisted and this unlocks the safe. It comes with a factory code and the user can then reset the code by entering the factory code, twisting the unlocking knob, opening the lid and pressing a button, and then setting a new code. include single button presses or multiple button presses simultaneously.
It is legal in all fifty states and is readily available for the price of 349.00 dollars. The added on clip housing is available for only 59.00 dollars.

For more details reviews price ratings etc of Titan safe click here

Stealth mechanical gun safe

This safe is made similar to Fortknox FTK PB model but stronger.It is made of 10 gauge body and 7 gauge door.It has gas spring to automatically lift open the door.

The gas spring is imported from china but the simplex lock from KABA is made in USA.It can be programmed with 1081 combinations and you can press more than one button at a time to make a locking code,

There are various features that makes it resistant to various kinds of attacks.For ex-a thicker steel locking bot for pry attack, two 7 gauge lug(at each corner) that hooks under dead bars inside at the hinge side for hinge attack and steel housing for the simplex lock for punch attack.

It has four holes drilled at bottom to secure it on a surface like under the seat or the trunk.You can also secure it using security cable that can pass through these holes.

It has a removable handle that makes it easy to carry despite being heavy(about 24 pounds) and is padded with high density pluck foam inside to keep gun scratch free and customizable for exact fit.

It has dimension of 4.25″ H (5.25″ H with knob) 12.56″ W  10.25″ (11.5″ D with handle), is quite strong and sturdy box to leave your handguns locked inside the car and comes for about $250.

>>For more detail, llatest price, ratings an d reviews click here

FAS1-Magnum TL Handgun Safe

Fas1 safe is a company that solely manufactures these small sized safes .It comes in various size to fit or handguns even with hostlers or tactical light plus hostlers or suppressed handguns or serbu super shorty shotgun.

The above model has an exterior dimension of  13-3/4″L x 9-3/4″H (Including Knob) x 4-1/8″W and is designed to store handguns with tactical light plus hostlers(comes attached to the lid) or multiple handguns or other valuables if you like.

It is 100% US made product and is one of the strongest mechanical handgun safe.

It is made of 7 gauge steel which is very hard to find in handgun safes.It is quick to open with very reliable push button mechanical lock.It also has optional high quality key lock made in house with Camlock T8 to work in conjunction to simplex lock for added security.

A gas spring automatically opens the door and presents the firearm very conveniently to the owner.

The safe do not come with any pre drilled holes so you have the option of drilling it yourself on any side so as to install it in manner you like.ex- between or under the seat.

It has an exterior dimension of  13-3/4″L x 9-3/4″H (Including Knob) x 4-1/8″W and is designed to store largest handguns or multiple handguns or other valuables if you like.

It come for around $300 and is a highly recommendable if you want a heavy duty handgun safe which will keep your guns secure for years to come.

For more details reviews price ratings etc on Amazon click here

Click here to got to official site of FAs1 safe

The following safes though popular are only recommended for travel and not to be kept at home if you have slightly bigger children.If you want to know more you can go to It reviewed more than 60 handgun safes and found almost all of them to be vulnerable to opening in some way by common household or cheap lock-picking tools as we discussed above items if one is determined to.But in car a thief might not have that kind of opportunity so if you want to use a safe only in vehicles they can suit your needs.

If you want to be really sure you can replace the bypass lock with a better lock if possible or seal the bypass lock with steel reinforced epoxy. But it will render it lockable only with the default primary lock of the safe.Like wise you can also seal the gaps that one can use to reach the lock’s release mechanism and open the safe.

ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault

The ShotLock solo vault car safe for full frame handguns is made specifically to guarantee the safety of one’s full frame handgun(s).

You can easily  bolt it down through drilling holes or attach using a metal cable(not included).It consists of a 14 gauge steel construction and a 1,500 digit combinations.

It has mechanical lock with bypass key lock in case the mechanical lock don’t function.

It has an interior dimension of 9 x 7 x 2 inches and exterior of  11.375″ x 7.5″ x 2.375″ inches.

Wekaness-A lot of user complained lock to not opening reliably or the buttons stop working after some time.Although it has bypass key lock but it is a key tumbler lock which can be opened with bump keys or auto jigglers.  Also there are gaps near the door that lead to the release mechanism to open the door.

>>For more details price reviews ratings etc of shotlock solo vault click here

Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

The above safe manufactured by Hornady is specially made for vehicles.It has exterior dimension of  12″x6.4″x2.2″; and Interior: 7.5″x5.6″x1.7″.It will probably fit all handguns except revolvers.

It boast of patented bladder system securing mechanism to fit in between seats of vehicle in vertical position but some user complained it to be not so reliable for all vehicles and it bangs with jerks and jolts of vehicles movements.

It also has option to secure with security cable but the downside is it is attached to the safe with simple screws(a total of 5 screw to completely remove the cable), so you can be assured  against smash, grab and run situation but if a thief has time to unscrew the cable he can run away with it.

We do not know if then safe is secure against pry opening or Whether one can reach the release mechanism with a coat hanger wire or other simple tools as found a common problem with other small gun safes.

Hornady advertise it to be independently tested and have international safety standard for pry resistance and Hornady RFID model like 2600KP and 2700 KP have been tested and found to be not having any such defects,at least to covet entry using simple pry tools so we are assuming that may also be the case with this one.You can see this video review to know more.

As far as RFID activated lock using wristband, key fob or sticker is concerned most user gave it a thumbs up for quick and reliable access and easy programming.

If not it has keypad or tubular/barrel key for secondary access.When entered the safe lid opens to side giving quick access and convenient access to your guns.

It also comes with 12 V car adapter for power supply as well as 4 AA battery back up.

Overall it is not a perfect vehicle safe as Hornady advertises it to be but you can give it a try as it has mixed reviews.

If in doubt you can definitely buy 2600KP and 2700 KP models though they are not specifically designed for vehicles and are more of a multipurpose safe for bedside and nightstand use as well.

Weakness-A tubular lock easy to open with tubular lock pick.

>>For more details latest price ratings and reviews on Amazon click here

Gun vault MVB1000

The MV 1000 MicroVault XL Handgun Safe is the larger cousin of the MV 500 MicroVault Handgun Safe. As the name implies, the MicroVault product line from maker GunVault is meant to keep a handgun without taking up much space, which is why the product can often used during transit, whether stashed beneath the seat of a vehicle or tucked away in checked baggage or mounted after drilling holes.

It has some what better biometric lock that updates the slight changes and updates to the previous saved pattern each time you use your finger to give low rejection rate in future.Others swipe type scanner may require you to swipe more than once to read correctly.It has a protective foam-lined interior to keep the gun from sliding around.It can accept up to 120 finger prints and 18-gauge steel construction,.If one finger do not work use another without resetting. The smaller version MVB500 has 16 gauge steel but can accept up to 30 fingerprints. patented No-Eyes® for opening it in dark by  a hand-shaped indentation which allows the user to find where to position their fingertips,a well as a 4 feet security cable, and built-in computer which automatically bars access once the programmed number of failed entry attempts has occurred.Fittings can guard against light hand tools but not a crowbar or the anything alike.One thing to take note is that While the MV 1000 is usually pictured in an open position similar to a briefcase, the handgun safe is not hinged to stay open in this manner; rather, the lid opens entirely to lay flat and in line with the bottom of the safe so you have to open in by hand.

Weakness-The rubber feet at the bottom can be removed and one can actuate the release by reaching it with a coat hanger wire.It can be mitigated by mounting it on a floor but the tubular lock is susceptible to attack by tubular lock picking device and it also has a gap through which one can reach with a paper clip to actuate the the release.

>For more details prices reviews and ratings about MVb100 click here

Gunvault MV 500 

The safe is electronic safe an older model by Gunvault. First it is of perfect small size.At 11” x 8-1/2” x 2-1/4” it Neither too big nor too small to hold your small guns along with some other valuables inside.Yet it is not too light to always keep it around or near your eyes.It can be mounted only after drilling holes.Suitable in glove boxes and under seats, this pistol safe offers an alternative to keeping a gun lying around in the car.

The electronics works quite well easy to program and has long lasting battery.A patented no eyes keypad  At , the safe fits anywhere, especially in cars. It has an exterior shell of super strong 16 guage steel and weighing  at 5.3 pounds, it has just the right amount of weight. Any lighter and a unit like this risks feels cheap and unreliable, almost as if it were fragile. Any heavier and this compact unit would be cumbersome to move, like a brick or a block of lead.

The computerized locking system will block out anyone who mistypes the combination excessively – an added measure of protection against theft. A small keyhole on the side of the Gunvault MV500-STD can override the whole system, guaranteeing that the owner can get to their gun instantly and without worry.

Weakness-Same as MV1000 above.

>For more details ratings pricereviews etc of MV500 click here

Gun vault nano vault 200

This safe is made by gun vault is actually a safe to ethically and securely carry your gun and valuables.It is small,portable and easily concealable.Can be hid anywhere.It is available cheap and opens with a key.It will meat all the transportation specification for most of the state.

It is not a bad item to keep it in your automobile specially if you carry your gun all or most of the time.Best if you want to leave inside the car for a short period of time.A strong cable is provided to mount it to a column or stationary place.Basically suited for frequent change of location inside vehicle..

It is almost entirely made of 18 gauge steel unlike the combination lock counterparts like  MV300 or the stackon PC 95C which has plastic parts on its combination lock.The dimensions of the vault are just enough to allow one handgun.But you can store for a few accessories such as extra clip and spare ammunition.It is designed to open from the top and closes tightly. The security cable helps the mini-vault to be attached and lock safe in place. The cable itself has been tested and shows it can resist up to 1500 lbs of force but however can be cut with with a diagonal pliers in 2 to 3 minutes time.

Weakness-A cheap pin tumbler lock easy to open with bump key or auto jigglers.

>Get more reviews details prices and rating for gunvault nanovalult 200 here

Club LB200

This is not a safe as such.It is rather a lock box in which you can keep your valuables and place it inside a car under your seat or places like that.The safe will be secured to the seat with the help of the cable provided.You can be quite assured of the security of the items in a quick smash and grab situation because the cable itself is quite strong to cut or to break easily.The intruder wont have that much time.

It is not best suited in case you want frequent and quick access of items as it will take relatively more seconds no matter how experienced you become.However for items you always carry but take out very seldom this is very strong and reliable safe.
The LB200 is manufactured by The Club and is sold online and in stores. A quick internet search will allow you to locate this item at popular stores like Amazon, Home Depot and others. This can be used for both residential and commercial uses. The LB200 comes with a steel braided cable which attaches to any permanent fixture. You can place it in the trunk, interior of the car, bedroom, office, and more. With the steel cable fastened around a permanent object, a thief will be thwarted to quickly get away with it but remember if he has tools like pliers or bump keys he can cut the cable or pick the pin tumbler lock on this box.

There are no flashy colors on the LB200 to make it stick out. The exterior case comes in black and can fit tightly under your seat or can itself will hide well.
The LB200 has an exterior size of 8 1/4 x 6 x 2 3/4. The inner dimensions of the vault are 7 3/4 x 5 3/8 x 2 3/8. You can freely place items like your passport, jewelry, cell phone, wallet, pictures, money, MP3 player and more inside this device.The manufacture also includes a ninety day warranty and return policy.

Weakness– A cheap pin tumbler lock easy to open with auto jugglers or bump keys.

>>For more details price reviews ratings etc of LB200 Click here

Bestop 42640-01 HighRock

You will find that this particular Jeep is a fussy vehicle when it comes to storing important information, weaponry and personal belongs and that is why they made a box with depth and storage in mind.This model fits 07-10 Wrangle JK without any modification and the Wrangler JK 11-12 with only some amount of modification.The Bestop 42640-01 HighRock 4×4 lock box is a unique and spacious storage unit that is accessible on the Wranglers JK. This, discreet and safe-smart unit has a double key and pick-resistant lock which makes it difficult for any intruder and it comfortably fits under your driver seat for convenient and easy access. There is nothing to the installation. This system, is already set up for you so it is easy because it comes with bolt-in factory seat riser bolts and its own set of bolts so you don’t need to find equipment like screw drivers or hammers to help install this easy to install item. It is made of 16 gauge carbon steel and will not much attention because it blends right in. It is coated in the finest textured black powder finish so it easily blends in under your seat. It has an interior and exterior dimensions of about 205 cubic inches with easy open sliding door.It weighs only 17 pounds so it feels quite weightless, even with the pull out drawer. There is also a heavy duty steel cable cord with a clear vinyl cover to attach the lock box to any location in the vehicle. the smooth, sliding pull out drawer is quiet and pulls out to a convenient length.

Weakness-Again weak pin tumbler lock easy to open with bump key or auto jigglers.

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